Prometheus 2 (2016)

A sequel to the 2012 hit Prometheus. More »

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  1. RMazer

    Sounds like it is set up to be one of several in a series (with lots of merchandising opportunities too)

    1 month agoby @RMazerFlag

  2. Jeff Ryu

    Yea, Engineers was breeding "Predators" to eliminate "Aliens" but "Predators" was making sports out of them and ironically killed the "Engineers" and evolved on there own. The last genetically made species was "Humans" for engineers, but "Humans" wanted to be like god asking for eternity and pissed Engineers. So Engineers had to eliminate Humans to stop the genetic madness they have made. But "Humans" had good will so they went on a journey to "Engineers" planet to convince that "Humans" can bring the peace, asking "Engineers" to give them the ultimate knowledge and power to eliminate "Aliens and Predators" for them and bring peace back to the Universe which was just a beginning of a small event placed in a huge Galaxy. Finally found out that "Humans" was just a replica dream of "Engineers" playing the same "God Game" over and over again. So who is the "GOD"? be continued. Prometheus 3.

    2 months agoby @Jeff-RyuFlag

  3. Teresa Bass

    some how you have to connect with predictor that would be good and go to their home planet wow that could be several movies in the making

    6 months agoby @Teresa-BassFlag

  4. Ben Taylor

    I would like to add that they could link the ENTIRE franchise by adding in the next movie, however brief, some kind of reference to the "Engineers" using a time machine device (since AvP was in the past); that is, unless the "Predators" use one to go forward in to the future to find the ultimate opponent... just a thought. :)

    8 months agoby @Ben-Taylor-63717774Flag

  5. Awesome movie , i an waiting for prometheus 2 .................& want to see those engineers home.

    10 months agoby @profile-59842998Flag