'Precious' Review By RavenX5 God of Light

The most depressing film in decades, Lee Daniel's vision about the abuse in life is very disturbing
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I seen lots of movies about raping and f*cking a lot these days,but when I heard of Tyler Parry and Oprah Winfrey presenting a movie,i was shocked. Precious,based on the novel "Push" is a very dark and depressing film that not only delivers,but pushes the history of violence and abusing even further.

Every thing about this film is emotional in every way,cause the story is solid,the acting is amazingly good,the moments are harsh and it delivers a powerful experience that we never had.The big highlight also is the woman who played Precious.Her perfomance is so well made,that you can actually feel her emotions throught the movie.

Precious is a true must-see movie.Im very sorry I had to write this review short,but im feeling goddamned depressed for this.

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