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  1. Kaya Batman-Hippie Sillince

    I pmsl watchin this film!! lol

    3 years agoby @Kaya-Batman-Hippie-SillinceFlag

  2. T. King (Red Camera Man)

    This movie is a complete pile of sh*t.

    3 years agoby @redcameramanFlag

  3. Dfella504

    this movie should have made a lot more money cuz it was great!!!!!!!!!!!!

    5 years agoby @dfellaFlag

  4. Brian

    This movie was awesome!

    5 years agoby @brianFlag

  5. tortiz88

    3D horror? Sounds awesome and its Aja from Hills have eyes. RADICAL!

    5 years agoby @tortiz88Flag

  6. MovieFreakDigital

    An R rated soft porn fish movie where people die. And bonus it's in glorious cheap 3D. Yay. Can't wait for the Blu Ray copy. (rolls eyes).

    @Double R0522 - yea, you've got that right! But I guess it was bound to be made eventually. And here it is. A tribute to the past of cheesy horror flicks complete with gratuitous nudity abound.

    5 years agoby @inhighdefFlag

  7. DoubleR0522

    this movie is going 2 suck ass...4real

    5 years agoby @doubler0522Flag

  8. Rockpunkscreamlove

    does anyone now what rating this film will be ?

    5 years agoby @rockpunkscreamloveFlag

  9. Emmytt

    this will suck

    5 years agoby @emmyttFlag

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