Pastor Brown (2011)

Jessica Jesse' Brown, estranged from her family for many years, returns home to Atlanta to see her ailing father, a prominent pastor of one of the city's oldest and most respected churches. On his deathbed, Pastor Joseph Brown asks his daughter to take over the church. But how will Jesse's free-spirited nature and somewhat checkered past sit with the powers that be at Mt. Olive Baptist Church? Jesse faces numerous challenges: a teenage son, a jealous sister, an ambitious associate pastor and a blossoming romance with an Islamic man. More »

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  1. Millie Otieno

    does anyone have an idea where to buy this movie online. i have searched the net and cannot find. it was never shown in the UK where i live. Thanks

    1 year agoby @Millie-OtienoFlag

  2. Mo's Dove 

    @ can u post the link cause I havent gotten a chance to catch it on tv! send it to Thanks in advance!

    1 year agoby @Mos-DoveFlag

  3. Bryan Burrage

    This movie, though entertaining from a mere emotional level, unfortunately, sadly depicts the spiritual condition of the Black Church in America, which has long since departed from its Biblical moorings of sound doctrine and right theology and has embraced a false spirituality of emotionalism, sensationalism, and sentimentalism, lacking DISCERNMENT (Heb. 5:14; 1Cor. 2:14). We have learned to misquote a myriad of verses out of their biblical contexts, divorcing them from their true meaning, thus missing true application for our lives as well as for the life and worship of the church. The Biblical gospel and true christianity is thus obscured with superficiality. Additionally, the movie sets false and very misleading precedents of how Christ actually mediates His rule as Lord over His Church and how God is glorified from the pulpit on the Lord's Day, Sunday. Futhermore, the Bible clearly states that women are NOT to be pastors, a position in which they exercise authority over and teach men biblical doctrine (1Tim. 2:8-15; 3:1-7; 1Cor. 14:33-38). This is God's will as expressed in His word, and IS NOT to be subjected to a man's whim nor put to a vote before an untaught congregation . Also, Scripture clearly sets standards of
    morality for those to be evaluated in which to qualify for leadership and this is according to the Scripture, not the predilictions of any so-called pastor. The movie, though inspiring from a worldly, superficial point of view, with a great cast of actors, great acting, storyline and ending, MISCHARACTERIZES historic, evangelical Biblical, Christianity replacing it with an unbiblical substitute that is popular, anecdoctal and being embraced and practiced throughout the black community today.

    1 year agoby @Bryan-BurrageFlag

  4. Michael Brent

    Great movie! This movie really blessed my soul. Great depiction of the prodigal son story

    4 years agoby @michael-brentFlag