'Pandorum' Review By Maurice Colford

A must see sci-fi movie! Great acting, awesome story, and fantastic directing!!!!!
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One day while scrolling through the endless pile of garbage sci-fi movies on netflix i found this movie purely by accident. I read a good amount of reviews on Pandorum as i do all the movies i watch, and was immediately turned off by all the negative reviews. Finding myself being extremely bored of searching for the diamond in the rough, i decided to give this movie a shot since it keeps popping up in my suggested list of movies i might like. So i start watching with the hopes of getting some cheap laughs off how badly it was directed or the over-the-top crappy acting. I went in with all these cynical thoughts only to be captivated and immersed into the dark brilliant mind of Christian Alvart. Dennis Quaid was phenomenal in his role as Captain Payton as well as Ben Foster, and the supporting cast. If you're in need of a really good sci-fi / horror fix with a darker subplot, and a well written story then this is a must see movie!

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