Nothing But the Truth (2008)

Inspired by today’s politically charged climate, “Nothing But The Truth” features Kate Beckinsale as Washington, DC political journalist Rachel Armstrong, who writes an explosive story about a government scandal in which she reveals the name of a covert CIA agent (Vera Farmiga). When a special government prosecutor (Matt Dillon) demands she divulge her source, she refuses and finds herself behind bars, struggling to defend the principles she has based her career upon. More »

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  1. Mad_Max

    Hmmmm...sounds like more anti-America sh*te put out by Hoolyweird. Isnt this based off the situation with CIA operative Valerie Palame's cover being blown by a major newspaper or something? Oh well, its typical NYT bullsh*t where reporters "think" America has a right to know everything(especially if it bashes our country or kills American troops or deep CIA operatives in the process). Chalk this up to another failed anti-america movie put out by Hollywood...their list is getting long.

    5 years agoby @mad-max-67878820Flag