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  1. Jeinal Assa

    want to see

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  2. Hasan Hasanov

    please advice a site to watch this film / i am still unable

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  3. Jhon Lepiss


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  4. Mkmk08

    I'm a regular guy in my thirties. I'm a Christian and go to church from time to time. Here's my take on the movie Noah. First the positives and then its issues.

    There were a few messages in the film I viewed as positive. It doesn't question the idea of a Creator but rather simply assumes there is a God. The movie also conveyed certain positive values such as the benefit of listening to God, the portrayal of God's nature as loving and forgiving, and family loyalty. It also does not shy away from the fact that mankind has fallen and needs saving.

    Unfortunately, there are many issues with this film that do not portray the "essence, values, and integrity" of the Biblical account. Many parts were either completely made-up or flat out opposite to what the Bible says. Here are a few examples:

    1) The movie references fallen angels who turned into rock people. Aronofsky may have gotten inspiration from the Nephilim mentioned in Genesis 6:4, but the idea that there were angels who tried to help Adam and Eve in the garden who then fell to the earth and turned into rock people is blatantly made-up and not in the Bible at all.

    2) In the Bible, Noah's three sons all had wives, and they all brought their wives with them on the boat. The scene where Noah lets the girl get trampled while grabbing his son is incorrect - as they all had their wives with them (Genesis 7:13).

    3) The Bible gives no account of the birth of twins from one of the girls on the boat, and Noah certainly did not try to kill anyone. This film portrays Noah as homicidal, while the Bible says he was a just man and walked with God (Genesis 6:9).

    4) The bad guy sneaking on the ship - not in Bible.

    5) The evolution scene is not Biblical. Species do adapt to their environment, but God spoke all living things into being. Nothing evolved from one thing into another (Genesis 1).

    6) Overall - the big error. Noah's was not charged by God to decide whether the human race would continue or not. It was not Noah's choice, as the movie depicts, to make that decision. God's reasoning behind the flood was not to eradicate humankind. He was grieved in His heart because of man's continual evil. Noah was charged by God to save his family and the animals and re-populate the planet with humans. Noah accomplished this directive. God desires relationship with us and ultimately sent Jesus as a way to reconcile us to Himself.

    While Aronofsky and Paramount have the right to make and release what they want, there is a huge difference between taking artistic license and completely misrepresenting the facts. Calling this movie Noah is a disservice to the general public. Many people who watch this film will leave the theater thinking the Bible says something it doesn't at all.

    By the way, one last area which is an issue to me is on the topic of faith. Noah was a man of faith. God gave him a vision, and he acted on it, trusting what God told him even though he didn't understand the why or how. Noah persevered. So, in addition to the above, the movie also misses the role and importance of faith in being led by God. Hebrews 11:7

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  5. Jhon Lepiss

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    enjoy watching:)

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  6. Jhon Lepiss

    good movie

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  7. Vina Clamber

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  8. Emend

    Rating from 1 to 10, i will give a 0000000, for all Christian brothers, please don't waste your time and money, this movie can get you confuse if you don't read the Bible, before you watch this movie check the reviews and comments, instead donate that money to your church. This film is not based on the Bible, i would say this is an atheist movie, nothing to do with God's word. God Bless you.

    Para todos mis hermanos Cristianos, no gasten su tiempo y dinero en esta pelicula, esta es una pelicula athea, nada que ver con la Biblia. Vean los comentarios y reviews antes de verla. Dios les bendiga.

    11 months agoby @emendFlag

  9. Meli Apau

    horrible dark movie...and some of your comments are just as dark....not worth paying to see choose a different one

    11 months agoby @Meli-ApauFlag

  10. Thoth2999

    If Mr. Aronofsky had done all his research like he says and did not see that the noah story originated in Kemet (egypt) 2680 - 2258 B.C., had nothing to do with the babylonian's (Gilgamesh 1800 B.C.) or biblical(400- 340 B.C.) characters. It was about the inundation of the Nile river and king Khufu. As his astral body in a boat "NU ANKH" as it would travel through the celestial Nile "milky way". The flooding of the Nile was referred to then as "NU ANKH". As you can plainly see in this comment, later in history this was twisted and fabricated into a drunken old man "NOAH" done by Ptolemy II(Philadelphus) in around the period 340-220 B.C. when he had the hebrews translate thier torah (old testament) into greek. My message to Mr. Aronofsky is that you should probably go back to the source of your noah stories and look into Khufu's life as it is 10 times more fascinating than any of it's followers.

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  11. Kevin Fernandes

    Cant wait...Praise be to God :)

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  12. Aisya Angel Milanisti

    woww... film the best

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  13. Robert Petrocelli

    Does the film include Noah committing incest with his daughters?

    1 year agoby @Robert-PetrocelliFlag

  14. Writer220

    came close to getting a part but the other guy got it.

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