No Tell Motel (2013)

A group of friends stranded in a haunted motel must race to solve the mystery of the building's dark past before they get trapped with the ghosts that have dwelled there for decades. Megan and her friends were driving down a dark country road when a crash left them injured and alone in the middle of nowhere. Stumbling across an old hotel on the side of the road, the group agrees to rest there until morning. After a terrifying encounter with the ghost of a young girl named Angela, however, Megan's friends begin to go missing one-by-one. As dawn approaches, Megan realizes that the only way to survive the night is to uncover the mystery of Angela's grim demise. But even if she does, there's still no guarantee she won't end up another lost soul in this lonely house of spirits. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi More »

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  1. Gypsy76

    crap for an ending but not as bad as some of the movies I have seen

    5 months agoby @gypsy76Flag