'Muppets from Space' Review By JLFM

"Dull and generic."
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Muppets From Space, is exactly what I would describe as mediocre. While not completely terrible, it brings nothing new to the table. Muppets From Space offers some good gags, and a lot of bad gags. Muppets From Space isn't a bad movie, it's just not a good one.

But the muppets can be so much better than this. Mediocre is not what we expect from the muppets.

This is the story of Gonzo, trying to figure out what species he is. Turns out, he's an alien. But the government kidnaps him, and it's up to Kermit and Co to rescue him in a dull and generic prison-break.

Muppets make appealing jokes, and just as many unfunny ones. But if you think the muppets are bad, wait till you meet the humans. The humans make almost no good jokes.

Also, despite the modest running time, the movie seems to go forever. After about an hour, the rest of the movie seems relatively pointless.

The score is actually pretty good, but all of the lyrical songs are obnoxious.

Kids will probably enjoy Muppets From Space, but everyone else will surely be bored long before the film's end.

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