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"More Than a Game" tells the true story of five talented young basketball players, including future NBA superstar LeBron James, and their remarkable journey from Akron, Ohio to the national high school championship series.

Five talented young basketball players from Akron, Ohio star in "More Than a Game," a remarkable true-life coming of age story about friendship and loyalty in the face of great adversity. Coached by a charismatic but inexperienced player's father, and led by future NBA superstar LeBron James, the "Fab Five's" improbable nine-year journey leads them from a decrepit inner-city gym to the doorstep of a national high school championship. Along the way, the close-knit team is repeatedly tested -- both on and off the court -- as James' exploding worldwide celebrity threatens to destroy everything they've set out to achieve together.

"More Than a Game" combines a series of unforgettable one-on-one interviews with rare news footage, never-before-seen home videos, and personal family photographs to bring this heart-wrenching and wholly American story to life.

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  1. Smithie111

    I heard great things about this movie from people who saw it at TIFF. Looks really great - can't wait to see it. I'm a huge NBA fan and love LBJ

    6 years agoby @smithie111Flag

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