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Through an advancement in the technical side of animation making, a revolution has begun
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Through their first three movie productions, Pixar Animation Studios had quickly ascended to becoming the strongest in the field. Through beginning with a colossal achievement - the first feature length computer generated movie- each installment since had added something to the winning formula, creating a full working scale and using story creating skills to develop a sequel that added, was to the same high standard as the original. In 'Monsters Inc' they not only started to begin to show the experience they had on the other productions, doing everything better and bigger in this film, but also tackled something that had never been attempted before; realistic hair and hair movement. Through creating a complete new system for the task of distinguishing different character models, the studio has once again revolutionized the animation process. With the same low key humour, entertaining plot-line and interesting characters, for the most part 'Monsters Inc' has only increased the high quality that this studio was becoming notorious for.

Adapting a child's tale that is told by many parents, that monsters live in your wardrobe, 'Monsters Inc' creates a whole world around this idea. The monsters in question use children as a way of obtaining the fuel needed to power their facilities and equipment. To gain this, they have to harvest screams collected by a group of purpose scarers. The place these are harvested is 'Monsters Incorporated', a company that are having energy problems due to children not being scared as easily anymore. The top scarer in this industry is James P Sullivan or Sully as he is more commonly known, aided by his best friend Mike Wazowski. However, on leaving the company one night, Sully comes across a lone door in the docking stage - the door being the portal to the children's bedrooms. Intrigued by why the door has been left there, Sully investigates but in doing so lets a child into the Monsters world; something that is never allowed to occur. Through spending time with the child 'Boo', the two monsters begin to question their beliefs of the human race and find that they have been caught up in a conspiracy that has developed around the company.

The plot is highly imaginative and engrossing with interesting and enjoyable characters. The voice work that is used in this film is completely in-keeping with the quality that has been put into the actual animation production. As would be expected with this film, the animation has advanced greatly since the last Pixar movie.

Monsters Inc is a film that keeps very tightly to the formula used and perfected by John Lasseter and his creative team. Carrying enough humour throughout its run time, the film will keep all people engrossed. With realistic hair and an advancement in animation techniques the film has once again revolutionized the animation industry and their deserved place within it.

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