'Monday Morning' Synopsis

An opinionated, womanizing, fun loving, right-wing radio Minneapolis commentator, has everything going for him.

Although a diabetic Thomas feels that he’s earned and deserves it his wonderful life.

A right-wing politician, backed some power brokers present Thomas with a big opportunity - an offer to run for the U.S. Senate in his state.

Thomas must meet a previous commitment to go to Los Angeles for a short time.

Through a circumstance, Thomas has a memory loss and is now on the streets, smack in the middle of L.A.’s homeless community during the bitter December cold. And since he is not taking his insulin - a medical time bomb ticks away, threatening to take his life.

Thomas’s journey through the brutal homeless arena gives him a perspective at complete odds with how he saw things before. It’s worse than being in the jungle, because in the jungle the living have some kind of a chance based on their instincts.

Thomas’s journey brings him to a realization that his true nature is one suited more for sacrifice, compassion and grace. Yet, his prior conditioning beckons him to be secure, safe and to look the other way.

When he regains his memory, Thomas must make a tough decision morally and politically.

Monday illuminates a human condition that is epic in scope. Thomas’s final choice reflects choices that each of us make at landmarks in our own lives.


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