Men in Black 3 (2012)

Agent J travels in time to MIB's early years in the 1960s, to stop an alien from assassinating his friend Agent K and changing history. More »

Comments (25)

  1. Khatami Calauto

    how can i watch it?

    1 year agoby @Khatami-CalautoFlag

  2. iseouls

    it is nice but i see so much flaws in much of the occurrences of events, specially with regards to its villain, visual effects is classic, all in all, it's another light alien movie.

    6/10 rawrrrrrs

    1 year agoby @iseoulsFlag

  3. Dean Brenmartin

    that was good movie

    1 year agoby @Dean-BrenmartinFlag

  4. Haris Aslanidis

    Better than mib2

    2 years agoby @Haris-AslanidisFlag

  5. Raval Roony Davis

    cool, this movie is the best man in black of all time

    2 years agoby @Raval-Roony-DavisFlag