Maximum Ride (2013)

Max, Fang, Iggy, Nudge, the Gasman, and Angel. Six kids who are pretty normal - except that they're 98 percent human and 2 percent bird. They grew up in a lab, living like rats in cages, but now they're free. Aside, of course, from the fact that they're prime prey for Erasers - wicked wolf-like creatures created simply to destroy the flock. More »

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  1. Krystal Charron-Morrison

    whe is it coming out im like gonna die if it doesnt come out soon because its 2014 now

    2 months agoby @Krystal-Charron-MorrisonFlag

  2. Kezia Ortiz

    2013 is almost over

    4 months agoby @Kezia-OrtizFlag

  3. Totaly_cool_max

    totally cant wait!

    10 months agoby @totaly-cool-maxFlag

  4. Marti Wiatrowski

    Fantastic!! I love these books and was hoping for a movie series soon. WOOHOO!!

    12 months agoby @Marti-WiatrowskiFlag

  5. Highline


    2 years agoby @highlineFlag