Man of Tai Chi (2013)

Set in modern Beijing, Man of Tai Chi marks Keanu Reeves’ directorial debut. The film, also starring Reeves, follows the spiritual journey of a young martial artist (played by Tiger Chen) whose unparalleled Tai Chi skills land him in a highly lucrative underworld fight club. As the fights intensify, so does his will to survive. More »

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  1. PsychoMovieJunkie...

    Ok this one is a textbook marital arts movie. A great one if you like Tai Chi. Tiger doesn't disappoint and for once Keanu's flat 2 dimensional character he has been playing for 25 years was finally in a role where it belongs. XD

    3 months agoby @PsychoMovieJunkieFlag

  2. Dark_888

    some sort of awesome

    6 months agoby @dark-888Flag

  3. Li Som Jak

    Cant Wait!

    12 months agoby @li-som-jakFlag