'Macao' Review By JIm Mourgos

Average Story but Hot Jane Russell!
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Macao, a sleepy Portuguese colony sometime in the early sixties becomes a scene of political intrigue in this film noir story starring Robert Mitchum and Jane Russell.

Russell really shines in this movie, not only physically taking control of every scene she is in, but her chemistry with Robert Mitchum is intense. She plays coy and seems to not care less for the big lug, but changes her tune when Robert's character gets mistaken for a New York City cop by an American gangster. The gangster knows he is safe as long as he stays within the three mile limit between Macao and Hong Kong. Once he crosses the line, the police can catch him.

The whole story is frankly a bit thin but has some interesting surprises. The salesman they meet on a freighter is not all he seems. And neither are any of the cast as they involve themselves in the nightclub/gambling establishment, The Quick Reward, where loaded dice are the norm!

William Bendix, a great character actor, is his own slimy self as a traveling salesman. Great to see Gloria Grahame, who I knew better on "It's a Wonderful Life."

Jane plays a singer, so we get to hear her singing as well as admiring her sarcastic but a bit over-the-top chip on her shoulder character.

DVD: Had a great special feature with Robert Mitchum and Jane Russell being interviewed by the Turner Classic Network -- must have been recorded only a few years ago. A fascinating look into the studio system, RKO Pictures, Howard Hughes and more!

Directed by

Josef von Sternberg

Mel Ferrer (uncredited)

Nicholas Ray (uncredited)

Robert Stevenson (uncredited)

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