'Katy Perry: Part of Me' Review By the_tall_guy

A real interesting into the rise and struggles of a pop star.
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Hello everyone. This is a review for the movie Katy Perry: Part of Me. There are not really any spoilers here, because it's a doc*mentary. So, if you know who Katy Perry is here, you kinda know how this movie will go. Enjoy the review though.

Now, I'm a very reserved Katy Perry fan. I can't say that I like all of the songs she's ever released, but there are a rare few that I do like. At most, there are five of her songs that I like, and that I have on my iPod. She's the only pop artist out today that I can actually listen to and enjoy her songs. And she's hot. That kinda goes without saying. So, when I first heard that there was gonna be a movie/doc*mentary about her tour, I really had no interest in seeing it. Yeah, I like her music, but not enough to sit through 2 hours of just her. I eventually decided to go because I recently graduated from my tech school, and it was a Thursday morning with nothing to do. My friend Caleb asked if anyone was interested in going, and so I said, "Why not?" Going in, I had no expectations of it being good in anyway. It was obviously made because that Justin Bieber doc*mentary was so popular (for some reason). But reflecting on the movie, I have to actually say, this movie was actually good, believe it or not.

There's not really a plot to point out here. Again, this is a doc*mentary. But essentially, the movie doc*ments Katy Perry's most recent tour across the world, showing back stage work and production being put into it. At the same time, we learn about who Katy Perry is, how she grew up from a Christian family, to moving to Los Angeles, to becoming a world-wide sensation. It also doc*ments how she handles her personal problems while trying to handle her professional career, which includes seeing her then husband Russell Brand. Not much else to say about the plot of this doc*mentary, so let's get into the movie itself.

I have to say, I actually found Katy Perry's life here to be very interesting. One thing that sort of took me by surprise was that Katy Perry used to be a gospel singer..... Yes, you heard me right. The woman who wrote "I Kissed A Girl" used to sing about God. I find that ironic. But it is interesting to learn how growing up in a Christian household formed what kind of singer she would shape herself to be. I can look at most of Katy Perry's songs now, and I see it as she's trying to break free from the things her parents have taught her; I guess what I'm saying is I'm seeing Katy Perry's pop star career as being somewhat rebellious, and to be honest, who doesn't want to be a rebel at some time in their life. Whereas when I see most artists (and I use that term very loosely here) nowadays, I feel like they didn't really do it as a way to rebel, but mostly just to be famous and make a lot of money. Obviously Katy Perry falls underneath that category as well, but there is something more there as well. It got me to really relate to who she is.

Speaking of modern day artists, there were quite a lot of cameos in here from artists nowadays. Russell Brand is here. I did not expect him to even really be mentioned here because of the recent divorce (I'll get into that a little later), but he is here, and this movie doesn't change my opinion on him at all. I think he's kind of a douche. I've only seen two movies that I liked him in, and that would be Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Rock of Ages. But in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, he's supposed to be a douche. I guess it doesn't bother me in that movie, because he's a minor character, but it's why I won't see Get Him to the Greek, because he does become a bigger character in that. And in Rock of Ages, he played up to his looks. He looks like a rock star, so that's why I related to him in that. But here, we don't see much of him, but when we did, I didn't like seeing him. We also get to see artists like Adele and Lady Gaga. I loved the little cameo by Lady Gaga, because she was wearing this large, grey, egg yolk thing over her face. It made me laugh, because it seemed like they couldn't get Lady Gaga to agree to be in this movie, so they put that over her face, and I know Lady Gaga is known for dressing in very absurd dresses, but I read it as she didn't want to be featured here. And then Justin Bieber made a cameo here too. I didn't like him either. I've been pretty clear to people that I hate Justin's music, and I think that he looks like a chick. I didn't really want to see him here. He already has his own movie (and no matter how much I liked this movie, I WILL NEVER SEE THAT GARBAGE CALLED NEVER SAY NEVER).

There was one person here that was really close to Katy Perry... Like, really close. Like, he wants to bang Katy Perry. I can't remember his name, but he was Katy Perry's makeup artist. And he describes that he and Katy have been friends for many years now. But when I saw scenes of them together, I got the impression that he had a major attraction to Katy, and it is very obvious that Katy doesn't really even think of him as more than just a friend. I almost laughed out loud when I saw this, because it created this weird sexual tension between them, like if Katy wasn't with Russell, he would totally make the moves on her. Maybe I was just reading too much into it, but it's what I saw, and I thought it was pretty obvious.

The visual style in this movie is so over-the-top that it's actually good. Obviously Katy is obsessed with bright, varied colors, and that is very obvious here. But there was actually one dress that she wore here that I found really good. It was a black dress that she wore during her performance of E.T. I don't know, I guess it's because I like black clothing, but that dress was the best one I saw. Other than that, everything else is what you would expect to see from a typical Katy Perry music video. I also want to talk about her singing, because it's no secret that many artists nowadays use autotune or some other means to improve their voices, but when they sing live, they usually suck big time. I actually thought Katy Perry sang just as well live in the movie as she does in any song I've heard her sing, and that's impressive to me. We have an artist that can actually sing in front of a crowd. And I liked her singing live. I enjoyed every song she sang (except for Peac*ck, but that's more for personal reasons that I won't discuss here or ever).

Now I want to talk about Katy's divorce from Russell Brand, because here's the best part of the movie for me (not the breakup itself). I was very surprised that they included this, really only because of how recent the divorce was. This must have been a last minute add, or they really forced this movie together at the last minute. But anyways, this is what I liked about this part. She gets upset about the divorce, she crying and sobbing, and she doesn't seem like she's up to actually going out onstage for the performance she's suppose to give. They give her the option of either going onstage and giving a great performance, or they'll postpone the show to another date, and she actually makes the decision to go onstage. This always gets me on the side of an artist. We as viewers like to think that celebrities aren't human, and yes, that is a very weird thing to say, but it's true. I mean, three years ago, Christian Bale ripped the lighting guy a new one on the set of Terminator Salvation, and the people turned against him because of it. People were going so far as saying they will never see another Christian Bale film ever again. They don't realize that actors and singers not only have to deal with their public life, but also their personal lives as well. They have all the same problems that we have, but the only difference is that they're in the public eye. That's pressure. Their problems are probably ten times what ours are, but we don't like to think of them like that. So when a celebrity breaks down on the news, we bitch and complain about how they need to be professional. Well, we've all had days where we show up to work, and we're upset and want to tear everyone apart, and some of us have better control over it than others. I really empathize with celebrities that break down on the news, because they can't handle that much pressure, and I respect celebrities that can handle it, and Katy Perry, during these last few scenes, proves she can actually handle that kind of pressure. It actually made me respect her even more because of it.

Overall, I thought this was a new and pretty great experience to go through. I don't usually like MTV like doc*mentaries about celebrities' lives, but this one actually drew me in and had me really relate to the main artist, but I guess it's because I was already somewhat a fan of Katy Perry to begin with. I probably won't see any other film like this; I won't turn out for a Lady Gaga film, and I definitely won't watch that Justin Bieber doc*mentary. I think he's too young to have had anything really interesting happen to him aside from being a pop star. I can't say I would recommend this to people who never heard Katy Perry before or people who don't like her music, but I do give this a recommend for fans of hers and for people who are interested in seeing the rise of a star and the struggles of maintaining a personal and public life. I'm actually really surprised that I came out with a recommend here.

Thank you for reading.

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