Jumanji (1995)

Young Alan Parrish (Adam Hann-Byrd) discovered the ornate Jumanji board in 1969, when he was just twelve. When he sits down to play it for the first time with his reluctant friend Sarah (Laura Bell-Bundy), strange things immediately begin to happen. After Alan rolls a certain number on the dice, he is transported into the jungle realm of Jumanji, disappearing before Sarah's startled eyes. Because Sarah is too frightened to finish the game, Alan remains trapped in the rainforests of Jumanji for 26 years until two new children, Judy (Kirsten Dunst) and Peter (Bradley Pierce), sit down to play the game in the attic of Alan's childhood home.

When the children roll the designated number that will free Alan, he pops back into a 38 year-old survivor (Robin Williams) of the all-too-real and all-too-deadly world of Jumanji. If Alan, Judy and Peter can find the now adult Sarah (Bonnie Hunt), they have a chance to finish the game -- or risk that their house, neighborhood and hometown be taken over by the elephants, crocodiles, spiders and other denizens of the fascinating, seemingly unstoppable force called Jumanji ... forever. More »

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  1. Kristel Castillo

    im a fan of this movie.. and its been a decade since it went out.. i just wanna ask if they are planning to make part 2?

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  2. Brader Setan

    i want see this movie .how ?

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  3. Nnt

    this movie is so cool i wish i had this game

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  4. Luis Medina

    Good Morning, thank you very much, God Bless you.

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