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Jonah Hex (Josh Brolin) is a scarred drifter and bounty hunter of last resort, a tough and stoic gunslinger who can track down anyone...and anything. Having survived death, Jonah's violent history is steeped in myth and legend, and has left him with one foot in the natural world and one on the "other side." His only human connection is with Lila (Megan Fox), whose life in a brothel has left her with scars of her own. Jonah's past is about to catch up with him when the U.S. military makes him an offer he can't refuse: in exchange for his freedom from the warrants on his head, he must track down and stop the dangerous terrorist Quentin Turnbull (John Malkovich). But Turnbull, who is gathering an army and preparing to unleash Hell, is also Jonah's oldest enemy and will stop at nothing until Jonah is dead. Based on the legendary character from the graphic novels, "Jonah Hex" is an epic adventure thriller about one man's personal quest for redemption against the vast canvas of the battle between good and evil.

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  1. Mm61675

    STUPID! don't waste your time

    3 years agoby @mm61675Flag

  2. Salem6777

    way too short!

    4 years agoby @Salem6777Flag

  3. Abhishek Dadhich

    very disappointing movie

    4 years agoby @Abhishek-DadhichFlag

  4. Guardianofhell

    awesome movie they should make it a tv show now

    4 years agoby @guardianofhellFlag

  5. Monkeyiron 2.0

    This movie sucked

    4 years agoby @Monkey-ironFlag

  6. DoubleR0522


    5 years agoby @doubler0522Flag

  7. Batman Rules !!!

    i hope they pull this out of alota theaters so it can lose more $ like macgruber :)

    5 years agoby @the-fallenFlag


    That running time is pathetic. 1 hour 21 minutes, really? Couldnt put in a little more effort?

    5 years agoby @cerealkillerFlag

  9. Romero1989

    looks cool

    5 years agoby @romero1989Flag

  10. LilZook

    this looks good

    5 years agoby @lilzookFlag

  11. Avrahama

    Well no offense to sirmetro but I'm getting pretty f*ckin bored with costumed heroes. More anti-heroes! Guts, glory, blood and badass acting. I'm in - please just don't be a Zorro rip off... *groans*

    5 years agoby @avrahamaFlag

  12. sirmetro

    Will he compete with the spiderman and batman movies? I believe not.probably because he doesn't have a f*ckin good storyline

    7 years agoby @sirmetroFlag

  13. heroic.warrior76

    This is good most DC Superheroes having a alive action movie is great because it's one of the best comic book company in the World and most of all Superman and Batman won't be the only DC Superheroes who will have a Hollywood Movie.

    7 years agoby @he-michaelFlag

  14. menotknow

    Finally Jonah Hex. This guy is the ultimate bad ass from way back. You can keep your Spidermans and Batmans, Jonah Hex will f*ck them up good. This will be a must see movie if ever there was one.

    7 years agoby @menotknowFlag

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