'Jock the Hero Dog' Synopsis

Based loosely on the original story by Sir Percy Fitzpatrick “Jock of the Bushveld”. Fitzpatrick’s friend, Rudyard Kipling, inspired this classic story, into print. It was first published in 1907 the book has never been out of print.

A story of bravery and loyalty set in the harsh and wild environment of South East Africa. Our hero, Jock (Bryan Adams), accompanies his master Fitz (Donald Sutherland and Theo Landey) on his search for gold. Our canine hero grows from being the runt of the litter to the most famous dog in Africa. Much like the “wild west” it was a lawless time, as people from the world over came to seek their fortunes. Human’s values are something Jock stuggles to understand, what is it with Gold! His mother “Jess” (Helen Hunt), advises him before leaving home that he should not try to understand the human ways, they are different. So they are, as Jock finds out in his first taste of ‘civilization’ at Crooks Corner. It is a place run by the evil Seedling (Rob Hobbs) and his powerful pet baboon, George (Anthony Bishop). George, although a wicked character delights in entertainment, most of this corrupt. He has been influenced by Seedling's greed and devious human ways. Nobody stands in George's way, least of all dogs. That is, until the day he meets Jock. Unknown to the humans, the animals hide out is a deserted mine deep underground. It is here that George has his first go at Jock when Jock stands up to his bullying.

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  1. Jodi Whitmire Bateman

    I totally agree with Morris Milchman! This movie is horrible and is NO WAY a family film!

    3 years agoby @Jodi-Whitmire-BatemanFlag

  2. Morris Milchman

    what the hell did they do to the story of my childhood

    3 years agoby @Morris-MilchmanFlag

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