'Jaws' Synopsis

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  1. PointMan528491

    I'm still scared of the beach because of this movie!

    3 years agoby @PointMan528491Flag

  2. IlikePie202


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  3. DoubleR0522


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  4. heroic.warrior76

    I already watch this horror movie of Steven Spielberg since 1985 I think I watched it with my brothers and cousins we never went into the water after watching it on Betamax.

    6 years agoby @he-michaelFlag

  5. Toxin3569

    will they ever make a 5

    6 years agoby @kool-time1Flag

  6. Nyfresh

    i still cant go to deep into the water.... this movie left me f*ck'd up, im scared

    6 years agoby @leo16Flag

  7. Roofdawgs

    i like the jaws series but their good but not the best movies ever made jaws 5 can probably
    seal the deal yea the bad thing about it has like 5 genres like history horror comedy thriller and drama not the best movies ever made

    6 years agoby @roofdawgsFlag

  8. Jaws_Bladerunner_fan

    This really is the epitome of all classic movies !!! robert shaw steals the show with his powerful quotes and stories, roy schieder plays his role to perfection and richard dreyfuss adds his talent to combine with the superb co stars full of great acting. This film has EVERYTHING !!!!..... from Sadness, Emotion, Superb acting, History, Horror and Comedy and very very athmospheric music ! need i go on? i could if needed. The Greatest movie ever made!!!!! If you have'nt seen it, you know what you need to do ;)

    6 years agoby @jaws-bladerunner-fanFlag