'In Time' Review By Corey W.

It's fast-paced, energetic, and even contains a concept that has potential to compete against Inception. I never glanced at the time once.
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A film that contains both style and an intriguing concept; there is nothing that works better in an action-flick. Well, nowadays that is. It's tough to come across a film that progresses such a unique storyline. Even though we've seen bits and pieces from In Time before in other movies from the past, it's completely original in style. In fact, it's the most original film from the year so far. It may not be thought-provoking or the next big masterpiece, but it's certainly something to keep in mind and spend a couple of hours on. The film literally grasps a concept as interesting as Inception. The potential it had to be just as good was high, but even though the film has a few faults that stop from that level, its still worthy of the credit for trying.

It may seem similar or even look like something you've seen before. You are probably right, but what you are wrong about is the fact that In Time still manages to set the clock back and make it appear as something original. Something that came out long before all the movies it may remind you of. One thing that occupied my mind from the film, something I'm still thinking about hours and hours after seeing it, is the idea of money being replaced with the time in your life. Sure, it may sound ridiculous and corny on the outside, but on the inside it all appears as something extraordinary and remarkably realistic. It sounds impossible, and believe me, most of it is. But watching this movie the thought of "What if this did happen?" sticks with you and that is what makes it all seem real. Its movies that raise thought and make the viewer think through the situation over and over that truly make the film worth-while. In Time does just that.

Life IS money. That's the message In Time pretty much portrays through its brilliant concept. The film takes place in the near-future where once people turn 25 they stop aging. At that point, life and death can either balance out or go over or under. Instead of making money, people must use however much time is on their clock to pay the bills, buy a cup of coffee, etc. While the rich have no worries and work their way toward immorality, the poor must live their lives by the day hoping to make enough hours to wake up the next morning. The movie is very interesting, especially the way everything is set-up. In the beginning of the film, you get a strong understanding of how the future works. You see people pay four minutes of their lives for a cup of coffee and at that moment I knew In Time would be an incredible experience. The whole idea of it was scary to think of, but at the same time, incredible.

Justin Timberlake is certainly growing on me. As an actor, I was never much of a fan besides his performance in Alpha Dogs. Since his role in last year's The Social Network and this previous summer's romantic-comedy Friends with Benefits, I've been appreciating Timberlake's work more and more. From both films I discovered he had the acting capability to pull off both a dramatic performance and hilarious one. After seeing In Time, I've come across the belief that he can pull off the role of an action-star. He doesn't have the strict-voice to make himself appear scary to his villains, but he's got the energy and high-octane kick to the performance that make him appear as a good action-hero.

Then there is Amanda Seyfied, who I've always adored as a female actor. Ever since Mama Mia!, I've thought of her as a beautiful, talented woman. I was at first sketchy at the idea of her starring in a science-fiction action-flick with Justin Timberlake, only because I was worried for her reputation, but I've been proven wrong because both actors create great chemistry here. Her performance at first in the film feels stiff and uneven, but as the plot kicks in and her character becomes something important, she brings out the character very well. Without a doubt, Amanada Seyfried and Justin Timberlake were fun to watch here. You can't make a film like this with two boring actors with bad chemistry, because then you'd just have an awkward mess. The two will surprise you, just as they did to me.

In Time provides the audience with a great cast. Even though some actors are cut short they do still make time worth-while during their stay in the film. Olivia Wilde, who is literally all over the place now, gives a small performance as Timberlake's mother. She may not be in most of the film, but for the minutes she does perform in she is, in my own opinion, as good as she usually is. She's not a bad actor, but she hasn't shown off all that talent she truly has just yet. She will though, soon enough. The film also has Alex Pettyfer (WHO?!) in it, who, believe it or not, marks his third performance of 2011. He's also starred in I Am Number Four (Blah) and Beastly (Barf) where the man gave unbearable performances. Here, he actually gives a decent performance. Good for him.

Cillian Murphy is without a doubt the most underrated actor there is. He doesn't receive enough praise for the brilliant actor that he is. Give him a performance as a vile, creepy villain and he'll pull it off better than anyone. Want to bet? With those glassy eyes that'll knock your socks off and the way he create such a dark, uncomfortable atmosphere with such simple dialogue is brilliant on the man's part. He may not do that so much here because he is more normal than creepy, but after this film I hope he starts getting a longer list of performances in the near-future! Great actor, I can't get enough of the guy. Sadly enough, we almost never do at all.

The director does an excellent job with In Time. Andrew Niccol sets-up not just the look of the film and the cool style, but he also formulated the concept and wrote the screenplay. To be completely honest, the man is somewhat of a genius. The message In Time sends and the concept behind it is one of the best I've ever come across in a film. The film itself may not be perfect, but the idea of it is certainly something else. The use of colors in the film is great as well. One shot I loved in particular was when Timberlake and Seyfried's characters were swimming in the ocean and the green light on their clocks reflected off the water. It looked very cool and it was certainly well-done. Looking forward to seeing more from this man in the future!

To be completely blunt and straight-forward, I've been very tempted to give this movie a solid five. While I do believe the film deserves it, the only thing holding me back is one scene in particular where just a simple car-accident felt a tad bit over-the-top. It's something I've gone over back-and-forth and my head and while it may not seem like such a big deal it was something that took the realistic vibe that the film sets up away. As of right now, I am settled with the rating I've officially chosen for the film but before I make that in stone I'd have to watch the film again. Without that ten-second clip the movie would have flawless and probably my favorite-flick of the year. Somewhere in my head, In Time actually is the best film of the year. Just not yet, however, if that makes any sense at all. All and all, it's something to take the minutes/hours in your day to see. It's fast-paced, energetic, and even contains a concept that has potential to compete against Inception. I never glanced at the time once.

Thanks for the read!

-Written by Corey Wood

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  1. Monkeyiron 2.0

    and I didn't say I love Dragonball evolution i said i liked it

    3 years agoby @monkeyiron2-0Flag

  2. Monkeyiron 2.0

    @corey blastphemy Ninja Assassin is a RMC i won't take your blastphemy

    3 years agoby @monkeyiron2-0Flag

  3. Zak Lee Ferguson

    Saw this last night- it is just superb, best Sci-Fi since Gattaca- also i love how you didn't get encrypted as i to give it a straight five stars though it has small tiny tiny very insignificant faults.

    3 years agoby @Zak-Lee-FergusonFlag

  4. Georgia DiPirro

    This is a Wonderful Review @corey Great Job, I am excited to watch it -- Thank you for sharing ... Great Read!

    3 years agoby @Georgia-DiPirroFlag

  5. Bawnian©-Dexeus

    @corey It will be up on Tuesday with Puss

    3 years agoby @bawnian-dexeusFlag

  6. Corey W.

    @stoned No problem, thanks to you as well! Tower Heist might be good, but @moviegeek turned down my excitement a little. Which is good cause now I won't be disappointed.

    3 years agoby @coreyFlag

  7. TheStonedReviewer

    Great review, comin out wednesday for us, definitely a must see! ...well after Tower Heist :) Great review and thanks for the mention ;)

    3 years agoby @stonedFlag

  8. Corey W.

    @moviegeek Hopefully you'll like it then lol. Next up: Rum Diary review. Working on that now.

    3 years agoby @coreyFlag

  9. moviegeek

    Stupid iPod... The last part of that: "But it will be your fault that I wasted my money."

    3 years agoby @moviegeekFlag

  10. moviegeek

    @corey maybe so... But

    3 years agoby @moviegeekFlag

  11. Corey W.

    @moviegeek Good ta hear! But...if you don't like it its your fault :P hehe.

    3 years agoby @coreyFlag

  12. moviegeek

    You may have just convinced me to see this is theaters.

    3 years agoby @moviegeekFlag

  13. Ghostman

    I'll make sure i see it soon @corey

    3 years agoby @ghostmanFlag

  14. Corey W.

    Ninja Assassin sucked. Your taste in film confuses me @monkeyiron2-0

    3 years agoby @coreyFlag

  15. Corey W.

    @ghostman Even though I have PA3 a better rating (which I might change), see In Time! Its awesome!

    3 years agoby @coreyFlag

  16. Ghostman

    @corey Between this, PA3, Puss in Boots, I'm not sure I'll have enough time to see all these movies man! @monkeyiron2-0 also thinks Kill Bill Vol. 1 and 2 is boring and that Ninja Assassin is better!

    3 years agoby @ghostmanFlag

  17. Corey W.

    @monkeyiron2-0 I'm not gonna listen to anything negative on the movie.

    Your opinion is your own. Your crazy anyway. You love Scooby Doo, Yogi Bear, and Dragonball but you don't like this? WHERE IS YOUR TASTE, MAN?!

    3 years agoby @coreyFlag

  18. Monkeyiron 2.0



    3 years agoby @monkeyiron2-0Flag

  19. Monkeyiron 2.0

    @corey honestly i didnt like it because it is boring and there's no sense of urgency

    3 years agoby @monkeyiron2-0Flag

  20. Corey W.

    @ROFLitschristian I agree one-hundred percent. Timberlake is the man! Looking forward to what he has in line for us next year.

    3 years agoby @coreyFlag

  21. Corey W.

    @bawnian-dexeus Thanks man. You gonna review it at some point?

    3 years agoby @coreyFlag

  22. ROFLitschristian

    @corey Great review. This movie has looked so interesting to me.
    I too like Timberlake. I don't think he has that "musician translated to bad actor" effect. Hope it's as good as you say!

    3 years agoby @ROFLitschristianFlag

  23. Bawnian©-Dexeus

    3.5 for me. Good review

    3 years agoby @bawnian-dexeusFlag

  24. Corey W.

    @kguy That's the reason why you should skip it! haha :P

    3 years agoby @coreyFlag

  25. Corey W.

    @kbelliveau@skywise Thanks guys. Glad I could restore your thoughts on this flick.

    3 years agoby @coreyFlag

  26. Corey W.

    @slysnide Some of it is similar to Logan's Run, but I don't think the two films are the same on everything.

    3 years agoby @coreyFlag

  27. slysnide

    @corey: You forgot about "Logan's Run." :P

    3 years agoby @slysnideFlag

  28. skywise

    @corey Wow very good review. Well thought out and executed. I has doubts about this movie but i am sold now. Nice one man.

    3 years agoby @skywiseFlag

  29. K.Guy

    @corey Eh, I'll still see it anyway. It's an Emmerich movie.

    I'll see this today

    3 years agoby @kguyFlag

  30. kbelliveau

    @corey Very good review man. You sold this movie to me. I was skeptical at first.

    3 years agoby @kbelliveauFlag