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  • Owen Gleiberman Entertainment Weekly (Top Critic)
    The movie understands that his Last Honest Man in Showbiz routine is really a performance -- even if it's one the actor himself is only dimly aware of.
    Full Review » 5 years ago
  • Manohla Dargis New York Times (Top Critic)
    Whatever their actual intentions, I'm Still Here does take on, at times forcefully and effectively, the pathological fallout of the Entertainment Industrial Complex.
    Full Review » 5 years ago
  • Xan Brooks Guardian [UK] (Top Critic)
    Like a pair of po-faced co-conspirators, Affleck and Phoenix have cooked up an audacious little distraction; a stage-managed Hollywood Babylon that's at once gaudily entertaining and willfully self-indulgent.
    Full Review » 5 years ago
  • Claudia Puig USA Today (Top Critic)
    Whether truth or folly, it's not particularly well made. Even in the midst of Phoenix's most oddball and obsessive torment, it's boring.
    Full Review » 5 years ago
  • Michael O'Sullivan Washington Post (Top Critic)
    The movie is as damnably perplexing as the subject himself.
    Full Review » 5 years ago
  • Ty Burr Boston Globe (Top Critic)
    Parts of it are close to genius; most of it is actively torturous to watch.
    Full Review » 5 years ago
  • Karina Longworth Village Voice (Top Critic)
    Perhaps it goes without saying that Here was more provocative when it couldn't be seen, when it existed for most of us purely in the realm of rumor.
    Full Review » 5 years ago
  • Joe Neumaier New York Daily News (Top Critic)
    The whole thing is such a tedious, foul-mouthed mess that it isn't even worth discussing as a riff on the Bob Dylan doc Don't Look Back or a meditation on slovenly semi-madness.
    Full Review » 5 years ago
  • David Edelstein New York Magazine (Top Critic)
    There's a thrilling madness to Phoenix's Method.
    Full Review » 5 years ago
  • Roger Ebert Chicago Sun-Times (Top Critic)
    It's not well-done technically -- the image and sound are bad -- but it has the advantage of access to private and tormented moments.
    Full Review » 5 years ago
  • Michael Phillips Chicago Tribune (Top Critic)
    Rarely has the question of a documentary's artifice mattered less. I genuinely hated this picture, almost as much as I've admired Phoenix's work.
    Full Review » 5 years ago
  • Steven Rea Philadelphia Inquirer (Top Critic)
    A meditation on a life lived in the public eye, I'm Still Here is strange, riveting, and occasionally appalling stuff, any way you look at it.
    Full Review » 5 years ago
  • Peter Schilling Minneapolis Star Tribune (Top Critic)
    Since Phoenix spends half the film with his head down, mumbling and shirtless, I'm Still Here is literally (and figuratively) an exercise in navel-gazing.
    Full Review » 5 years ago
  • Tom Long Detroit News (Top Critic)
    Chances are the joke is on us. The problem is the joke isn't very funny. In fact, it's kind of vile.
    Full Review » 5 years ago
  • Leslie Felperin Variety (Top Critic)
    An utterly fascinating experiment that apparently blends real and faked material to examine notions of celebrity, mental stability and friendship.
    Full Review » 5 years ago
  • Kyle Smith New York Post (Top Critic)
    When I'm Still Here reached its climactic moment -- Joaquin Phoenix puking into a toilet -- I had never before felt quite so much like a toilet.
    Full Review » 5 years ago
  • Roger Moore Orlando Sentinel (Top Critic)
    It's all tiresome, muddied and artlessly made.
    Full Review » 4 years ago
  • Laremy Legel Film.com (Top Critic)
    Joaquin is simply adding to the ugliness, encouraging the fools, and wasting everyone's time.
    Full Review » 5 years ago
  • Eric Kohn indieWIRE (Top Critic)
    If nothing else, the movie at least proves that there are two sides to every hoax.
    Full Review » 5 years ago
  • Liam Lacey Globe and Mail (Top Critic)
    No doubt what we witness is a performance for the camera, but with what motivation? Or is the hoax a hoax?
    Full Review » 5 years ago
  • Dana Stevens Slate (Top Critic)
    The worst thing about I'm Still Here is the fact that it exists.
    Full Review » 5 years ago
  • Deborah Young Hollywood Reporter (Top Critic)
    Joaquin Phoenix and Casey Affleck push the edges of celebrity spoof in a mockumentary worth watching.
    Full Review » 5 years ago
  • Christy Lemire Associated Press (Top Critic)
    If we're truly witnessing the unraveling of a talented man in his prime, it's just sad. If it's all performance art, though, it's just pointless.
    Full Review » 5 years ago
  • Richard Corliss TIME Magazine (Top Critic)
    In the great Joaquin debate -- is he crazy like a loon, or like a fox? -- the smart Hollywood money is on fox.
    Full Review » 5 years ago
  • Peter Travers Rolling Stone (Top Critic)
    I'm not sure I believed a word of this film. Actors who melt down on camera are usually, well, acting. But I couldn't take my eyes off I'm Still Here.
    Full Review » 5 years ago
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