'Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs' Review By Structure (ONSTRA)

A funny joke that might seem childish and occult to some but might bring the laughs to the hearts of the little ones. with a rating of PG, why should anyone wait for more.
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To start the talk, Ice age deffinitely has been one of my favorite animated series and I would love to keep on watching Sid doing his this as much as I can. Ice Age 3, even though it follows the typical steps of many of the animated films, still shines this year a little bit more than the others. If I wanna give credit to any of the Ice Age movies for a reason, it would have to be the laughs they brought to me throughout some hard times in my life. And since every person has his own everyday obstacles, people want a relief from there lives in movies like Ice age.

And the third one makes total sense if you're going to there just to have fun, its a funny movie that brings back the characters of the first movie in a not-so-original idea, but shines above others with the funny small parts it has. From the fruit C*cktail to the fights between Scratt and Scratte, to the somewhat good adventures the movie takes you too with its amazingly visualized scenes, the movie just has to keep a little memory in your heart and fill you up with some more respect to the series.

I went in and the story just started to keep on moving forward, starting with the unbelievable going of Diego thinking he wanted to live the wild life tigers are supposed to live. and the awaited baby of Manny and Ellie (the tow furred elephants), and of course seeing how sid got himself in Huge trouble by wanting to be a parent (since Manny and Ellie are about to get a baby) and how he got the eggs of a dinosaur had to be the main thing happening in front of your eyes. But the thing doesn't stop there, A mother never leaves her child no matter what, even if she has to take Sid with her to the world... UNDERNEATH THE ICE. And so that is what happens. once again we see the 2 mammals soon to be joined by Diego ready to fight anything in what's UNDERNEATH THE ICE to get Sid back. And so they meet the one and only BUCK. this is probably a character that made the movie shine a little more. his funny charisma puts the movies cliches a little behind and makes them completely put behind and not really that important. He really makes this movie move a step closer to being better and better each second you watch it.

SO, now that you know most of the story's important and main parts, you'll notice the occult basics of the movie that got a star off the rating. and It's so true the story is really backed up by nothing to make it original but the main hilarious personalities we're going to miss till the next movie of this series will come out. The jokes are somewhat hilarious even if you were a teenager. Even though you want to admit that fact that they are not funny but the truth is you're laughing pretty hard from inside.

To talk about acting, I must talk about the expression of the characters and the voices of the characters since acting was definitely not there because its animation. The voices where there at there time and I felt like each of the characters had already got the voice even better than before. either they knew the characters or there good. but both ways they deserve good pride about that.

For the animation of the characters and of the whole place, I felt that I was truly there. Especially with 3-d glasses, the director and the animators should be careful with every single shot they take. either they win or loose. Because when you feel that you are there, you want everything to be perfect. And that's what this movie gives you. The set felt normal and I felt animated with a whole world around me of Sid and Diego and many others of the characters surrounded by Dinosaurs and volcanoes and things that you wanted to see fully visualized in a third dimension movie like this. Along with that the fight scenes where made perfectly to add enough adrenaline for a child to get interested, and I don't blame them for that .

So with that said, the comparison between this and its precedent 2 movies should be talked about also. All Three movies provide the funny parts and make you feel happy after watching but I have to give the credit for the first one. it had all of the characters freshly made and it was much more fun and memorable. The second brought it down a little and I see the same thing in this. but the main reason why this happens is because the first movie had to be the starter. But the fall down of the second or the third are not dramatic fall downs. they just put the first movie First. Now the question asked would have to be: "should they make more Ice Age Movies?". For me, the question has an answer of NO. Because i think that if they come up with a fourth one, it will make the whole ICE AGE thing fall down. This movie still kept Ice Age living because of the laughs, the Second kept it living because the people wanted to see the characters again, and the first is the best because the people loved the characters. If a fourth came out, it has to be really strong and to bring a whole new era to ice age, but if FOX has nothing that huge to offer in a sequel, well I think the end of the series should occur at the end of the third movie.

So with that said, I think this is an enjoyable joke that goes on and on to bring you another good movie to watch that wont advance anything but itself in the eye of a mature man but will make the fun explodes from a 10 year old kid who this movie was just made for.

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  1. IlikePie202

    pretty good review, but I highly disliked this movie

    4 years agoby @Ilikepie202Flag

  2. Structure (ONSTRA)

    NAH it was funny all by itself. if you are an 18 years or younger person, then just go see it. it will make u laugh. I am actually thinking of watching it again.
    but if you are the kind of people who just like serious movies and wants to see the pro-side in a movie. then NO, this will be dumb for you if you are choice 2.
    thanks anyways 313td.

    6 years agoby @gaj1992Flag

  3. 313td

    Nice review.But I guess I need younger kids around to see this one.lol

    6 years agoby @313tdFlag

  4. Structure (ONSTRA)

    thanks righthandofdoom always trying to bring the best. ;)
    and go watch all 3 of them you'll have a great laugh.

    6 years agoby @gaj1992Flag

  5. righthandofdoom

    Great job dude. You did a great job covering everything. I have not seen any of the Ice Age movies. I might have to. Nice man!

    6 years agoby @righthandofdoomFlag