'I, Robot' Synopsis

Will Smith stars as Detective Del Spooner in the high-tech thriller I, ROBOT, suggested by the book of short stories by visionary author Isaac Asimov. In the year 2035, technology and robots are a trusted part of everyday life. In this film, that trust is broken and only one man, alone against the system, sees it coming.

I, ROBOT employs spectacular visual effects innovations beyond any ever before put on screen to bring a world of robots to life. The character of Sonny, a special robot who holds the key to a murder -- and perhaps the survival of the human race -- represents the cutting edge in photorealism. Indeed, Sonny is the most realistic, emotionally complete, three-dimensional CGI character ever created on film.

I, ROBOT is directed by Alex Proyas (“Dark City,” “The Crow”), who creates an extraordinary future Chicago -- circa 2035 -- where robots are completely integrated into society. Bridget Moynahan stars opposite Will Smith, as the robot psychologist Dr. Susan Calvin. Bruce Greenwood plays Lawrence Robertson, the corporate head of U.S. Robotics, and Chi McBride portrays Spooner’s boss and friend Lt. John Bergin. Actor Alan Tudyk’s physical performance inspired the digital creation of the robot Sonny. James Cromwell plays the pivotal role of the brilliant and reclusive scientist Dr. Alfred Lanning.

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    saw it last year and now its one of my favorite movies

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