'I Am Legend' Review By yoyogobbler

personal favorite it is a must watch list from Will Smith movies
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Cant get any better. some parts ur asking why did he do that but u shouldnt care. the movie is a whole load of action and his adventure with his dog trying to find a cure for this disease that infected most of the people is great and overwhelming. many people left the theater including me with a lot of questions. THIS IS A MUST BUY!!!!! after buying this movie and watching it over again. All my questions are answered and i noticed that everything in the movie is connected and the events all taken place through cause and effect. This movie has a great story line also. even though this was a great movie, the ending was too sudden and disappointing. :(

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  1. yoyogobbler

    i heard the characters are really different

    7 years agoby @yoyogobblerFlag

  2. Phatlightning

    you should read the book.

    7 years agoby @sxers2k1Flag

  3. yoyogobbler

    no. what happens??
    its manbearpig

    7 years agoby @yoyogobblerFlag


    Did you see the alternate ending?
    Oh and by the way, wtf is up with your pic

    7 years agoby @emerica1395Flag