'How to Train Your Dragon' Review By The Cryptkeeper: Resurrected

We're vikings. It's an occupational hazard.
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This is a movie I never thought I'd see. I really do not watch animated films, honestly. I just do not think most of them are very good, or funny. More just dumb, and illogical. But well, I actually watched this movie in a class of mine, and I must say I was seriously surprised. It is possibly the best animated film I've seen. It has a good plot, and is written extremely well. Of course it is predictable, for the most part, but it is the journey that is fun, and gripping.

The story is about a village who are afraid of dragons. The vikings are basically dragon warriors, and fight the "evil" dragons. But one say. the village p*ssy, named Hiccup (retarded name) finds out that the dragons really are not dangerous at all. It's really all one big misunderstanding. He befriends one particular dragon, which he names Toothless, and sneaks off to go hang out with him. But of course, things go wrong, and well, you can kind of guess what happens, probably. But even though it sounds somewhat lame, and predictable through my little synopsis, it really is not at all.

Of course, one of the downfall of animated films is the voice acting. Sometimes the voice acting is lame, and the animated facial expressions are over dramatic (a reason why I dislike animated films and "anime" things), but I put up with the small amount of it for this film, because it really has something greater going on than the average, simple little animated movie. Gerard Butler's voice is Hiccup's father, the most badass viking there is. His some is a huge p*ssy, so he's disappointed in him, and Hiccup knows it. He tries really hard to prove otherwise, but just cannot.

The visuals are rather good; all the animation is well done, and not bad. I think the hair of the characters was done rather well. I know it sounds really weird to say, but the hair was very realistic. The dragons were fairly inventive, and interesting looking. The village was rather dull, but everything else was really interesting to watch, such as the field where Hiccup goes to hang with Toothless.

This review is not my best, but I am not accustomed to reviewing films of this nature. I'm more of a horror kinda guy, but I felt the need to break away from the usual and review this one, because it definitely deserves a high review. Definitely see this movie, even if you are not a fan of animated films, like me. You just might like it. It's fairly emotional, and highly enjoyable.

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  1. The Cryptkeeper: Resurrected

    With that being said, I liked this movie a lot. So yeah. Hahaha

    2 years agoby @cryptFlag

  2. The Cryptkeeper: Resurrected

    @redcameraman Dude I hate all animated movies. Well 99.9% of them. Doesn't matter what company, I hate all. All Shrek's suck, most animated films have good imagination, but poor humor and development.

    2 years agoby @cryptFlag

  3. T. King (Red Camera Man)

    @crypt: Seeing as how this movie is from DreamWorks Animation, I'm not really a big fan of their work (I mostly prefer Pixar's films overall). Though the only movie I liked from DW is the 1st "Shrek" film, but the sequels? Not so much. The 2nd was decent, the 3rd sucked ass, and the 4th I will skip.

    2 years agoby @redcameramanFlag

  4. The Cryptkeeper: Resurrected

    @redcameraman See, I did not like the humor in this movie (most of the time) but I don't in any animated movie whatsoever. And this had less of that horrid humor in kiddie movies, so thats why I like this one WAY more than the average kiddie movie.

    3 years agoby @cryptFlag

  5. T. King (Red Camera Man)

    @crypt: Good review. I was disappointed with this movie though. I watched it because many people were praising it so much, and it did get me interested after watching the trailer; but wow, it didn't live up to my expectations at all, and I didn't like the humor. This movie is SO overrated. And you're absolutely right about Hiccup, he is SUCH a p*ssy.

    3 years agoby @redcameramanFlag

  6. The Cryptkeeper: Resurrected

    @skywise It is definitely cool to see movies like WOlf Creek, because it definitely did break the mold, but only slightly. It still is fairly common, yet it is those small things in the screenplay that make it different. But yeah, I love watching the 80's horror flicks too. They're so predictable, yet like you say, comforting. I have a huge collection of 80's slashers. Ok, not huge, but decent sized.

    3 years agoby @cryptFlag

  7. skywise

    @crypt I do enjoy those that break the mold too. It is nice to be surprised in any genre but particularly in the horror genre since it seems the studios just are not willing to take huge risks.

    I know it was Ausstralian and we talked about it before but that is something I loved about Wolfcreek.

    SPOILERS anyone who hasn't seen Wolfcreek and intends too: BELOW

    The spend so much time setting up the hero character or "final girl" and then she is the first to be dispatched (while attemtping to be a hero)

    Also the villain was unlike prety much any I have seen, that is huge for horror movies IMO.

    And the final scenes where the guy wakes up and takes off running. His tormentor becomes the outback itself.

    That is just one example but a very good one. Horror is at its best when it is breaking the mold and yet, those classic horror tropes are..I dont know, comforting somehow. I love watching old horror movies.

    3 years agoby @skywiseFlag

  8. The Cryptkeeper: Resurrected

    @skywise ha! yeah, horror is fairly similiar... however i do enjoy the horror films that are original and break the mold, so to speak. But i see what you mean.

    3 years agoby @cryptFlag

  9. skywise

    @crypt My problem with kid movies is usualy not the characters although I can see why the Hamster may not be to your liking - being the horror aficionado that you are - but instead the formulaic nature of said films. Which I can understand is NOT a problem for you - being the horror aficionado that you are.

    Although I tend to have a warm fuzzy feeling for classic horror tropes.

    3 years agoby @skywiseFlag

  10. The Cryptkeeper: Resurrected

    but thanks! @mcleve02

    @skywise Oh i did not know that, I always thought of the live action series. and see for me, the hamster was my problem with Bolt. It was annoying, but see, that is why i do not like kid movies.

    3 years agoby @cryptFlag


    @crypt A review that is not a horror film!? :O

    haha nicely written sir!

    3 years agoby @mcleve02Flag

  12. skywise

    @crypt There is a new ST that is CGI. Bolt was pretty cool, the Hamster was funny. Probably my favorite disney sidekick of all time.

    3 years agoby @skywiseFlag

  13. The Cryptkeeper: Resurrected

    @skywise but was Starship Troopers an animated thing?

    anyhow, thanks! Yeah, I watched this in my class since like no kids were in class, because of the blood drive, but yeah, there are a few animated films i like. Only one that comes to mind is Bolt. and Up.

    3 years agoby @cryptFlag

  14. skywise

    Nice to see you branching out. I loved this film. I definatly do not mind animated films if they are done well and the story is right. The problem is, there is not a lot of adult themed animation (except for anime - which I dont have a problem with either).

    I did see Starship Troopers Invasion a few days ago and that was pretty cool. Very adult themed which I appreciated very much.

    Anyway, good review.

    3 years agoby @skywiseFlag