'Hot Tub Time Machine' Review By Ramster

Nothing Special just a fact that the time machine is actually a hot tub!
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This movie is nothing new but seriously it gets kind of disgusting in some points.

Come on a hot tub as a time machine now that's lame and they end back in 80's and things won't be the same if they don't do everything the way it originally happened.. Yea the butterfly effect..where was it when Rob Corddry stays back and for God's sale Clark Duke goes back in time to see his lost father banging his mother in front of him.. Damn Steve Pink you have issues!

The acting was average...& there was no humor that i found in the movie just the thing when clark duke finds about his father to be Rob Corddry. THe way he got to know was utterly disgusting!

The story was average more of poor actually & it was not even a comedy in a fictious way.

The script wasn't even good either just lame thoughts share by 3 friends who try to remember what they did 20 years ago.

Summing it Up.. The movie is not the type of comedy you're looking for..

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  1. Avian

    I loved this movie. One of the best comedies in years.

    4 years agoby @avian005Flag