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  • New York Times (Top Critic)
    Full Review » 3 years ago
  • Stephen Holden New York Times (Top Critic)
    The trains of thought stirred up by the film's contemplation of what is here and what is there - and where you are - are endless and stimulating. And the movie is embellished with spectacularly beautiful, enigmatic bursts of abstract imagery.
    Full Review » 3 years ago
  • Karina Longworth Village Voice (Top Critic)
    The dreamy, feverish beauty of these sequences just barely balances out the pretension of the exposition.
    Full Review » 3 years ago
  • Joe Morgenstern Wall Street Journal (Top Critic)
    You must be willing to give yourself to Braden King's debut feature, a slow, meandering and sumptuously photographed road trip combined with an intimate love story. I gave, and I got. A lot.
    Full Review » 3 years ago
  • Farran Smith Nehme New York Post (Top Critic)
    It becomes highly affecting, concerned both with the limits of mapping a landscape and with lovers' difficulties in navigating each other.
    Full Review » 3 years ago
  • David Rooney Hollywood Reporter (Top Critic)
    The film captures some impressive landscapes and layers an eclectic mix of original and traditional Armenian music over its unhurried travel time. But unless you count doing a lot of vodka shots, this is a dramatically uneventful two hours.
    Full Review » 4 years ago
  • Mark Olsen Los Angeles Times (Top Critic)
    "Here" seems motivated by a tone of searching and yearning, not of finding a single way. As Foster's character says at one point, "Getting lost was the goal."
    Full Review » 3 years ago
  • David Lewis San Francisco Chronicle
    [It] doesn't offer up a ton of narrative surprises, but there is plenty going on the screen to keep you engaged - and visually stimulated.
    Full Review » 3 years ago
  • Frank Lovece Film Journal International
    Languid road movie, punctuated by ponderous abstract interludes, about a young American mapmaker in Armenia who meets a prodigal woman photographer. A promising filmmaker needs to his lose art-school baby fat.
    Full Review » 3 years ago
  • Scott Tobias AV Club
    The unstructured, come-what-may quality of a road movie is part of its appeal, but it can be a pitfall, too, when all that spontaneity starts to look more like lollygagging.
    Full Review » 3 years ago
  • David Fear Time Out New York
    You'd follow these two anywhere-even down a long, winding and perilously close-to-pointless road.
    Full Review » 3 years ago
  • Andrew Schenker Slant Magazine
    While everything here is mostly unspoken, and the film itself hints at a broader set of concerns than simply two lost souls meeting on foreign ground, Here too often feels like a jumble of ideas that don't quite cohere.
    Full Review » 3 years ago
  • David D'Arcy Screen International
    In HERE, the landscape doesn't become a character, as the boilerplate cliche would have it, but the brief-encounter romance becomes a proto-documentary.
    Full Review » 4 years ago
  • Ray Greene Boxoffice Magazine
    One of those movies so fully achieved it restores your faith in the cinema.
    Full Review » 4 years ago
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