Hellraiser (2013)

Based on The Hellbound Heart by Clive Barker and the 1987 film Hellraiser, in which a man finds he is given more than he bargains for when he solves the puzzle of the Lament Configuration - a doorway to hell. But his ex-lover has found a way of bringing him back, and his niece, Kirsty Lawrence, finds herself bargaining with the Cenobites, angels to some, demons to others, whose greatest pleasure is the greatest pain. More »

Comments (16)

  1. Anthony Mulero

    the plot needs to be better

    8 months agoby @Anthony-MuleroFlag

  2. Anthony Mulero

    more like a victim to me

    8 months agoby @Anthony-MuleroFlag

  3. Anthony Mulero

    he looks more like road kill.

    8 months agoby @Anthony-MuleroFlag

  4. Anthony Mulero

    wheres his black suit

    8 months agoby @Anthony-MuleroFlag

  5. Madchina Erzebet Hexubus

    nope hes not done cuz hes writing the true follow ups in comic form

    9 months agoby @Madchina-Erzebet-HexubusFlag