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...What was living behind Zombie's eyes was purely and simply...garbage.
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Okay, I'll give you the respect in that Joe Grizzly and the stepdad were funny, but this movie doesn't spend much time on the numero uno scare factor: SUSPENSE! Why can't anyone get it right anymore?!

I call it garbage yes, cuz being the remake of the #1 horror film ever usually garners a better rating than 2.5. The only thing good about it was Malcom McDowell, some visuals (like the basement and upper level of the aged Myers house), the same story, and that's it.

Also, it has way too high a body count for a GOOD HORROR movie. It takes away from the amount of suspense leading up to the killings, making it have barley any suspense at all actually. (Since the runtime isn't long enough to allow suspense with that high a body count). And suspense is what keeps these movies scary, not gore.

Seeing as blood/guts/gore is just repulsive to some (not me) and just disgusting which makes them wanna look away, but not out of fear, just out of the fact that they don't wanna be grossed out. THEY'RE 2 COMPLETELY DIFFERENT THINGS!!!!!! Nobody is afraid of gore anymore (if they ever were)! It's suspense that rules! I mean what's so scary about Michael yanking Laurie through the window of the car? I mean the ending is obviously expected after that bad collapse in the empty pool. The killer always comes back for a comeback!!!! (haha).

Zombie kinda seems to have been shooting for an ultra evil Michael rather than an ultra scary Shape.

You gotta look at this as a popcorn, kickback "B" horror film for those who like them, but don't necessarily like being scared of them (if you catch my drift). It could've been way better.

As for those who would argue that it takes away from the mystique of Michael Myers, then get over it! Cuz the sequels did the same thing as they do to just about every original horror film. The origin story was still intriguing though.

But this movie was still enjoyable, funny, and yes, fast paced. The basement set looked cool. A good old fashioned "unscary" popcorn flick with a 21st Century horror movie spin on it. But the original still reigns supreme above all else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. T.Clark

    I gave it two stars just for the fact it's a bad movie altogether, doesn't matter if ur a fan of michael or not lol I agree, that it doesn't take away from the mystique of michael, that's why i stated in my review "remakes don't destory classics, they remind us why they were great in the first place" I thought it was a pretty good quote that i thought of :)

    7 years agoby @insertusernamehereFlag

  2. youngreffi

    i like this movie because its scared in i just like the movie

    7 years agoby @youngreffiFlag