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  • Jay Weissberg Variety (Top Critic)
    A political black comedy without the bite of the classic military satires it tries to emulate.
    Full Review » 9 years ago
  • Susan Walker Toronto Star (Top Critic)
    A movie that doesn't know whether it is slapstick comedy, satire, mystery or a schlock horror flick. Whatever it is, it is highly derivative, and of little consequence.
    Full Review » 9 years ago
  • Kate Taylor Globe and Mail (Top Critic)
    A jack of all formulas and master of none.
    Full Review » 9 years ago
  • David Cornelius DVDTalk.com
    Succeeds in creating a languid, almost hypnotic portrait of go-nowhere, do-nothing peacetime military life.
    Full Review » 7 years ago
  • Time Out
    Full Review » 9 years ago
  • Empire Magazine
    Full Review » 9 years ago
  • Angela Baldassarre Sympatico.ca
    "Guy X" wins the prize for most boring, pointless and disappointing war movie of the year.
    Full Review » 9 years ago
  • Jim Slotek Jam! Movies
    Guy X could be the weirdest failure of the year. It's also not for anyone prone to soft-tissue neck injury, so abruptly does it switch gears from one movie to another.
    Full Review » 9 years ago
  • Matthew Turner ViewLondon
    Jason Biggs (doomed to have some variation of the words 'pie-botherer' in every article ever written about him thanks to the American Pie movies) makes a successful leap from comedy to drama here.
    Full Review » 9 years ago
  • Rich Cline Shadows on the Wall
    While there's an enjoyable subversive atmosphere, the story simply isn't sharp enough to mean much of anything
    Full Review » 9 years ago
  • Nev Pierce BBC
    A film which lingers and haunts, but never compels.
    Full Review » 9 years ago
  • Joe Utichi FilmFocus
    Brilliantly told and will remain with you as you leave the theatre.
    Full Review » 9 years ago
  • David Edwards Daily Mirror [UK]
    Full Review » 9 years ago
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