'Good Deeds' Review By Missindependent

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The story was basically good and i didnt need tissues even tho there was alot of tears. I didnt opt for a bottle of scotch to deal with all the issues Tyler usually pack into his movies but this one was light hearted and well written.

even tho a bit predictable the main story was good and Thandie's performance stole the show. It was nice to see Tyler in good clothing and not in that wig and big dress for a change.

The issues dealt with are real life but the best part for me not giving away teh movie if ur reading this review... i liked how he and his wife(gabriella union) decided to not get married despite the fact that they still loved each other. Its okay to take chances and make urself... it ok to love and leave and move on.

Oh yea and some people do get a second chance at love.. i.e if ur that lucky.

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