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  • Lisa Schwarzbaum Entertainment Weekly (Top Critic)
    Gladiator charges into heart pounding battle.
    Full Review » 15 years ago
  • Elvis Mitchell New York Times (Top Critic)
    Gladiator suggests what would happen if someone made a movie of the imminent extreme-football league and shot it as if it were a Chanel commercial.
    Full Review » 15 years ago
  • Susan Wloszczyna USA Today (Top Critic)
    Gladiator pours on the usual Caesar dressing.
    Full Review » 15 years ago
  • Desson Thomson Washington Post (Top Critic)
    Gladiator is one extended guilty pleasure.
    Full Review » 15 years ago
  • Jay Carr Boston Globe (Top Critic)
    With its conspicuous display of prefascist trappings, it says more about our time than about Rome.
    Full Review » 15 years ago
  • J. Hoberman Village Voice (Top Critic)
    Self-proclaimed 'world-creator' Scott only intermittently obliterates the turgid narrative and mediocre dialogue.
    Full Review » 15 years ago
  • Louis B. Parks Houston Chronicle (Top Critic)
    There's nary a dull moment in the film.
    Full Review » 15 years ago
  • Philip Wuntch Dallas Morning News (Top Critic)
    Gladiator is what championship is all about. Thrilling and exciting, it embraces technical standards of filmmaking rarely anticipated in earlier epics.
    Full Review » 15 years ago
  • Steven Rosen Denver Post (Top Critic)
    This film is the first 'sword-and-sandal' epic since the mid-1960s.
    Full Review » 15 years ago
  • Peter Rainer New York Magazine (Top Critic)
    Without Russell Crowe's dynamism holding it all together, Gladiator might have devolved into a rash of overblown pandering.
    Full Review » 15 years ago
  • Roger Ebert Chicago Sun-Times (Top Critic)
    The film looks muddy, fuzzy and indistinct.
    Full Review » 15 years ago
  • Michael Wilmington Chicago Tribune (Top Critic)
    The most visually spectacular of all Roman Empire epics.
    Full Review » 15 years ago
  • Jonathan Rosenbaum Chicago Reader (Top Critic)
    Though the digital effects lack the weight and conviction of their equivalents in old Cecil B. De Mille movies, Ridley Scott's sword-and-sandal epic has some of the intensity of old Hollywood in terms of storytelling, spectacle, and violence.
    Full Review » 8 years ago
  • Desmond Ryan Philadelphia Inquirer (Top Critic)
    The fusion of the ancient and the modern -- even to the point of some sly echoes of our own sports-mad society -- is seamless. Gladiator does indeed deliver the glory that was Rome, but it also clinically dissects the assumptions on which it was built.
    Full Review » 2 years ago
  • Susan Stark Detroit News (Top Critic)
    A visually astonishing picture that brings script, performance and, alas, displays of violence up to the modern standard.
    Full Review » 15 years ago
  • Andrew Sarris New York Observer (Top Critic)
    Ultimately, Gladiator is an honorable and inoffensive spectacle with nothing extraordinary to recommend it.
    Full Review » 8 years ago
  • Todd McCarthy Variety (Top Critic)
    A truly transporting trip back nearly 2,000 years.
    Full Review » 15 years ago
  • Jonathan Foreman New York Post (Top Critic)
    An exhilarating, sweeping epic that begs to be seen on the largest possible screen.
    Full Review » 15 years ago
  • Jay Boyar Orlando Sentinel (Top Critic)
    Action-packed and passionate.
    Full Review » 15 years ago
  • Geoff Pevere Toronto Star (Top Critic)
    A smart movie and sumptuously executed.
    Full Review » 15 years ago
  • Sean Means Film.com (Top Critic)
    Gladiator doesn't have enough plot to be a Roman epic ... and too much plot to be a summer action movie.
    Full Review » 15 years ago
  • Robert Horton Film.com (Top Critic)
    Gladiator derides 'entertainment' while hustling like crazy to provide two and a half hours' worth of same. The heroism and the tigers and the epic grandeur all leave behind the flavor of cynicism.
    Full Review » 15 years ago
  • Ted Fry Film.com (Top Critic)
    This tale of power and revenge proves that there are still some people in the movie business who know what they're doing.
    Full Review » 15 years ago
  • Rick Groen Globe and Mail (Top Critic)
    The Roman costume drama, all dressed to the IX's, has taken a long holiday from the big screen.
    Full Review » 13 years ago
  • Andrew O'Hehir Salon.com (Top Critic)
    Gladiator is a canned experience, a film that flails around awkwardly trying to find a reason to exist.
    Full Review » 15 years ago
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