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You're Pissing Me Off!!
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Alright when I first saw that this movie was coming out, and that Nicholas Cage was going to be in the title role, I thought great here's a movie that will be awesome, I have always been a huge Ghost Rider comic book fan, and I have never seen a movie with Nicholas Cage in it that I did not like. So I immediately set up plans to see it in theaters. When I got there and watched the movie I thought, okay this wasn't so great at the Comic level, BUT Nicholas Cage did great, probably not the best choice but it doesn't mean he didn't do Good. I liked how they got the graphics and CGI's when he turned into The Rider, or when Blackheart went all haywire at the end with the collective soul. I really liked how they got Sam Elliot, one of my favorite actors to play the caretaker, who secretly is the previous Ghost Rider himself, as he helps Johnny Blaze out on his quest to stop Blackheart. I thought that Blackheart's character was played alright by Wes Bentley, could have been a little more agressive if you ask me, but he did good. In my opinion there could have been a lot more action, but what they did with the action that they came up with was excellent, when Ghost Rider rides up the wall, or when he's fighting the Demons, after pretty much just becoming Ghost Rider. I like Eva Mendes, but I do not think that she was a perfect fit for this role as Roxanne Simpson, though she did alright with her acting. I really like Peter Fonda, but as mephistopheles I did not, he did great with his acting I think don't get me wrong, but they should have gone with a no namer on that one as well. My favorite thing about this movie was that it was dark and dreary most of the time, one of my favorite things in a movie. I really didn't mind that it didn't follow the comics completely, I was a little ticked that it didn't follow them, but I was just glad to see Ghost Rider on the big screen.

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  1. Vamp

    This summer when I finally get out of f*cking school, I'm going to go through and redo all my skimpy ones. Hopefully now that I have the magic touch so to speak, I can fix them.

    7 years agoby @vampire2000Flag

  2. Marcusx

    haha fair enough

    7 years agoby @marcusxFlag

  3. Vamp

    LOL well I won't change my rating, but I thank you for the props.

    7 years agoby @vampire2000Flag

  4. Marcusx

    very nice touch. i give you props. see? you have it in you to do well with reviews. but now lets talk about that 4 star rating...

    7 years agoby @marcusxFlag

  5. Phatlightning

    much improved.

    7 years agoby @sxers2k1Flag

  6. LeoNiDas' Lover

    drone? lol you still talking about yourself guts

    7 years agoby @thejokerrulesFlag

  7. Vamp

    Lol guts it's alright we know we stand on different pedestals in this particular movie. My first reviews were sh*t, I'm working on it. It's all part of the process, as for Marcusx and taking his crap, well I've found that it's rather hit and miss with him, you say something right or you say something wrong, I'm sure he means well, course, I've been wrong before XD.

    7 years agoby @vampire2000Flag

  8. T.Clark

    Guts is a pedophile. Which scares me cuz i'm only 15 and have my name and hometown on my profile. I should change that...

    7 years agoby @insertusernamehereFlag

  9. Marcusx

    takes one to know one queeny

    7 years agoby @marcusxFlag

  10. Guts-Fearless

    I gotta say, you're a good drone.

    7 years agoby @guts-fearlessFlag

  11. Marcusx

    im sure i do

    7 years agoby @marcusxFlag

  12. Guts-Fearless

    lol, you continue to amuse me.

    7 years agoby @guts-fearlessFlag

  13. Marcusx

    youre too naive guts. i allow you to think what you want so i can use it against you later. as if you were apart of his and mines conversation. i was not even saying vamp hasnt got the ability to write a good review. just the ones i have read were skimpy and well, sh*t. he agrees we moved on and youre still a c*ck sucker. either way, i said what i wanted to say here. vamp gets it you dont. seems to be a regular thing with you

    7 years agoby @marcusxFlag

  14. Guts-Fearless

    Jesus, I can't believe you take that Vamp. He called your reviews sh*t...ok I'm sorry Marcus, but who the f*ck are you to judge other peoples reviews? Everyone has opinions and no one wants your god damned input you f*cking loser. I didn't know you were the best god damned critic there ever was, man, what a drone. My drone that is. Hahaha

    7 years agoby @guts-fearlessFlag

  15. Marcusx

    if you watched it again maybe your review will reveal that this movie was sh*t and shouldnt be viewed by anyone...ever

    7 years agoby @marcusxFlag

  16. Vamp

    Yea I know it was like one of my first I haven't gone back through it yet.

    7 years agoby @vampire2000Flag

  17. Phatlightning

    and maybe I wouldnt be so disapproving of your opinions if you would actually share them and let me in on where you are coming from.. have you even read your review above?? It tells me nothing about the movie nor what you really thought of it.. you didn't break it down you basically just said "hey guys, I like it" and with everyone patting you on the back and congratulating you on a good review that was 3 sentences long, it makes no sense. So if you were offended by my comment that wasnt directed towards you, then good, because then it served its purpose.

    7 years agoby @sxers2k1Flag

  18. Phatlightning

    who says that was directed at vamp?

    7 years agoby @sxers2k1Flag

  19. Vamp

    Oh, well thank you.

    7 years agoby @vampire2000Flag

  20. The Boondock Saint

    i agree on u wit dat comment, that just becuz a review doesnt meet their standards they gotta go ape sh*t on you.

    7 years agoby @combatmadness360Flag

  21. kyle_hannah

    Didn't like this at all honestly the worst superhero movie to date. it looked decent visually but the writing and acting was brutal again my opinion.

    7 years agoby @kyle-hannahFlag

  22. Vamp

    Agree with me on what?

    7 years agoby @vampire2000Flag

  23. The Boondock Saint

    not to go all fukin phsycho on u like marcus and phat, but i just wanna say that i personally didnt like this movie.and ur comment: "look i respect your option of hating..........." is pretty fukin awsum and i gotta totally agree with u

    7 years agoby @combatmadness360Flag

  24. Marcusx

    thats more towards guts. dont worry about it, this still deserves practically no stars. i will go read the other reviews and comment so you can see what i think

    7 years agoby @marcusxFlag

  25. Vamp

    LOL, I guess I can live with that. I really don't want any tiff with anyone, although I really don't appreciate Phatlightning's little comment there, but What can you do? One more was my Iron Man review sh*t? Was my Sweeney Todd review sh*t?

    7 years agoby @vampire2000Flag

  26. Marcusx

    its cool vamp i gotcha. no disrespect, your reviews are just sh*t thats all

    7 years agoby @marcusxFlag

  27. Vamp

    Look I respect your option of hating my opinion. I just want to say that I'm sorry. I'm sorry that you feel you have to rag on everyone who's opinion doesn't match what yours is.I have no retaliation in mind nor would I try and come up with one. I will rate a movie however the f*ck I want to. So as far as I'm concerned, I'm finished.

    7 years agoby @vampire2000Flag

  28. Marcusx

    that was hands down the best thing i have ever read. couldnt have said it better. cant wait to read their feble attempt at returning an even half witted resonse. im gonna grab a kleenex in preparation to wipe the tears that come rolling down my face as i read what they say in defense. god this movie sucks. i cant believe anyone could even consider saying the opposite. the only thing positive from this film is the credits at the end. nuff said

    7 years agoby @marcusxFlag

  29. Phatlightning

    oh good god, the closet crew is all coming out to support a terrible film.. must be a sickness or something. This movie is one after the heart of the 23 year old boy lover, so I can see where all of you come together to rouse your approval and pat each other on the back.. holding meetings in the sub nurtured basement of a church playing "genie in a bottle" while grinding up on adolescents, telling the parents your a youth group with inadequate funding so they support your trips to Chuckie Cheese and Water Country USA. continue your undying loyalty to the garbage that is this film, and may your carcus someday rot in the bed of a neonazi's two tone f-150.

    7 years agoby @sxers2k1Flag

  30. Marcusx

    ok i will step down if you can tell me one thing this movie did well.
    not a damn thing. exactly.
    the acting was terrible
    there were no fight scenes
    and the visuals were pathetic. you could tell the streets adn buildings were practically all cardboard. as if guts knows what hes talking about. he should just come out of the closet already and put his emotions to the side

    7 years agoby @marcusxFlag