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Get Him to the Greek was very funny! I was laughing through a lot of it! But some of the gross-out gags went to far some times but are so easy to forgive with such funny dialogue! This is one of the funniest movies I've seen this year.

It was funnier than Role Models but not as funny as 'The Hangover'. I will definitely watch this movie again! This was a completely fun time at the movies that I highly recommend!


Story: Aldous Snow releases an album and a single "African Child." The song flops, is banned and called "the worst thing to happen to Africa since the apartheid" by a music critic. His girlfriend Jackie Q takes custody of their son, Naples, and leaves him; as a result, Aldous gets rid of his emotions by drinking and doing drugs excessively. Meanwhile, In Los Angeles, Aaron Green a young college graduate who works as a talent scout at Pinnacle Records. He lives with his girlfriend Daphne, a doctor in a internship. Pinnacle Records has lost a lot of money, so the head of the company, Sergio ("Diddy"), asks for ideas. Green proposes to have Aldous Snow play at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles for the tenth anniversary of a particularly famous performance there. One month later, he sends Aaron to London to retrieve Aldous. After meeting Aldous, him and Aaron run along on a wild ride and funny antics. They hed to New York on the 'Today Show' to make the announcement of the concert. After, Aaron insists that Aldous should meet his father. They head to Las Vegas. After meeting up with his father Jonathan, Sergio meet along with them. After Aaron apparently having 'sex' with a woman. Aldous gives Aaron a 'Jeffrey'. He is about to have a heart attack do to the drugs he's ingested. Aldous then stabs him in the shoulder with an adrenaline needle. Meanwhile, Sergio and Jonathan (stoned out of their minds) fight each other. Sergio starts chasing Aldous and Aaron. He is then run over by a car. They head to California, when Aldous apologizes to Jackie. He later finds out Naples is not actual his son. After Aaron and Daphne forgive each other. Aldous presumes for the three of them to have a 'threesome'. Aaron furious ask him to leave. Aldous then attempts to jump off a building. He ends up jumping into a pool. With a broken arm. After a sentimental speech, Aldous agrees to do the concert. Six months later, a healthier and sober Aldous Snow has returned to fame with a single produced by Aaron based on events from their night in Las Vegas, performing on the VH1 Storytellers program.

All of the acting was great but Jonah Hill was not as funny as he was in 'Superbad' but has his moments. Russell Brand was really the stand-out and one of the funniest people in the movie. But Diddy, later sold the show. He was absolutely hysterical and he was the funniest person in the film. Every scene he was in made me laugh hysterically, he is a great musician but also a great comedian. Elisabeth Moss was great as well but not actually funny. And so was, Rose Byrne. I enjoyed the Sarah Marshall cameo as well as the Tom Felton and Pharrell cameo.

The visuals were mediocre but what did you expect with a comedy. The scenes when people where driving were so obvious green screen. When Diddy got run over by a car, the visual looked real. When Jonathan gets his head slammed on a TV looked real, not a dummy. Some of the other visuals were so obviously fake! When Aldous has a wound in his hand, looked half fake and half real.

The comedy and jokes were incredibly funny and hysterical! The acting was great as well. Some of the dialogue was terrible but was so easy to forgive with such great humor! P Diddy's acting was hysterical! And now on to The Bad, The plot of the film was pretty bad. The pace of the film was terrible and was way to long and you felt the length of the film. And there is a cliche sentimental speech somewhere near the end. Also the film could have been twenty through thirty minutes shorter. So overall a funny film that I enjoyed! I do recommend you to see this but some people will be bored in some scenes!

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