Gabriel (2008)

Gabriel tells the story of an Arc Angel who fights to bring light back to purgatory - a place where darkness rules - and save the souls of the city's inhabitants. More »

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  1. Derrickgoudie

    deubaa deubaa baaaaaanuose sawish see pandalums i jast want a sweeeeet lassey in a fcuking fantasy thing its like jackseuse shouse

    2 years agoby @derrickgoudieFlag

  2. Derrickgoudie

    if thare were ever a graet fantasy movies that is like soo soo dark and magical that makes yuor if one is soo soo crazy and amazen that it can give yuo a hart atack i asloso love fantasy girls not freaken warriors but cute and sawishiee ones i name one movie with a cute girl in it last air bender see has a nice voice too i will anywes want the best fantasy movie ever to come out bloody images gory freaken scary lots of mind blowing absaluty amazen spacel efects in whice case thare is no fantasy that fits my mind up anafe i wish the fans will cher up more ok thaere yep i noo its painful heeey

    2 years agoby @derrickgoudieFlag

  3. Derrickgoudie

    this movie is a vaer vaer low bugent not amazen like alien 3 thare are i dont noo how but its hard to make a cool movie be good if yuo insease the darkness thare are never neat anafe yuo guys noo im a pratty big fan of dark dark movies but i cant anafe wellmade ones i will never watch a horror movie un less its coool anafe i noo its a great preeducen to honor it dont yuo guys noo its a freaken movie world noope well whatever

    2 years agoby @derrickgoudieFlag

  4. Derrickgoudie

    i have trierd this aah movie it kinda sucks its a got few cool parts but its jast not fancy anafe yuo no i give it 2 [ 30 a half of 5 stars

    3 years agoby @derrickgoudieFlag

  5. Derrickgoudie

    if yuo guys all think that this movie looks pratty dark and cool yuor reagt i dont no of hows good of a movies it will be its kinda like underworld but more fraky the fallen god i dont under stad

    3 years agoby @derrickgoudieFlag