G.I. Joe 3 (2016)

The battle against C.O.B.R.A. continues in this third installment of the popular Hasbro franchise based on the comic book and cartoon series from the 80s. More »

Comments (6)

  1. Samuel Suchan

    Mainly Croc Master :)

    4 weeks agoby @Samuel-SuchanFlag

  2. Samuel Suchan

    Love to see Croc Master :) and beach head :)

    4 weeks agoby @Samuel-SuchanFlag

  3. Jay Parkin

    i like to see ship wreck and beach head and also wetsuit.

    1 month agoby @Jay-ParkinFlag

  4. Chris Tillberg

    Yo! Joe! I want to see Dusty,more of Firefly, Jade, Snake Eyes, General Hawk Eyes, Destro,Cobra Commander, His Red Crimson Guards!, Lady Jane, The twins! Tomat-Xmat! Sergent Slaughter!, Barque, Tunnel Rat! Jinx! This would be very sweet!

    8 months agoby @Chris-TillbergFlag

  5. Chris Tillberg

    Hopefully it doesn't suck! but 2016! really stupid stupid stupid stupid! I'm not getting any younger Hollywood!

    8 months agoby @Chris-TillbergFlag