'Fun with Dick and Jane' Synopsis

In Columbia Pictures and Imagine Entertainment’s holiday comedy Fun With Dick and Jane starring Jim Carrey and Téa Leoni, Dick Harper’s (Carrey) years of hard work finally pay off when he is promoted to vice president at Globodyne, a worldwide leader in the consolidation of media properties.

But after exactly one day in his new job, Globodyne is destroyed by an Enron-like calamity -- and he is left holding the bag.

Dick’s sudden reversal of fortune has left him little time to set money aside for a rainy day. Now it’s raining buckets as Dick and his loving wife Jane (Leoni), watch in horror as their deluxe suburban home, their luxury cars and their statusconscious friends quickly vanish into thin air.

After playing by the rules and working single-mindedly to build a comfortable life for his family, Dick is utterly unprepared to give up the American dream. Taking a lesson from his corrupt employer, however, Dick hits on a brilliant idea: If stealing was good enough for his boss, then it’s good enough for him.

Using his newfound skills, he and Jane exact hilarious revenge and teach big business a lesson.

Fun With Dick and Jane is a simple tale of two people who lose their minds while trying to hold on to the elusive American dream.

Life has never been better for Dick Harper (Jim Carrey) and his loving wife, Jane Jane (Téa Leoni) -- a sure sign that things can only get worse.

Dick has waited patiently for almost 15 years to become a vice president at Globodyne. That day finally arrives. His boss, Jack McCallister (Alec Baldwin), finally gives him his promotion and his wife Jane (Téa Leoni) finally gets to quit her job at a travel agency.

But the celebration is short-lived. Globodyne and McCallister become embroiled in a giant corporate scandal. The company goes belly-up and Dick is left holding the bag, while his boss takes advantage of his solid gold parachute. For a time, he waits in vain for a rival company to snap him up. Faced with a mountain of debt and the threat of repossession, Dick tries to find a job, any job. The best position that’s open is as a “greeter” at the local giant box store. Jane decides to go back to work as well. She bluffs her way into a gig as a Tae Bo instructor and then tries to earn some money as a guinea pig for a new Botox-like substance.

But they are clearly not cut out for these new jobs and, besides, they don’t make much of a dent in their financial situation. So, one by one, they are forced to sell off their dream possessions, including their cherished plasma television.

At wit’s end, Dick snaps, and in an effort to reclaim at least a part of his former life, steals chunks of sod from the neighbors’ lawns to replenish his own balding backyard. Before long, he and Jane have embarked on a series of nighttime robberies, leaving their six-year-old son Billy in the care of their faithful housekeeper Blanca.

For a time, they are excited and invigorated by their new lives as a latter-day Bonnie and Clyde.

But they soon realize that there is stealing and there is stealing. And they discover that the way back to their lives -- and their sanity -- is to right the initial wrong done to Dick and his co-workers by their unscrupulous boss at Globodyne.

It’s payback time.

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    a bore

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    lol... im sorry but i love this movie, remember the part when my dude in the bathroom and he cant pee cuz there lookin at him and the bicth tells him she will sell him her pee for a 100$ thats shes been of the pipe for 2 yrs, lol, this is some very funny sh*t

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  5. Nyfresh

    OMG this is one of the most funniest movies ive ever seen, all ihave 2 say is HILARIOUS!!!!

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