Friends with Kids (2012)

Friends With Kids is a poignant ensemble comedy about a close-knit circle of friends at that moment in life when children arrive and everything changes. There are big laughs and unexpected emotional truths as the last two singles in the group, out of step with their married pals, resolve to have a kid together… and date other people. Stars Kristen Wiig, Megan Fox, Jon Hamm, Maya Rudolph and Edward Burns. More »

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  1. Mm61675

    lameee and predictable. not really that funny, either...why is it labeled a comedy?

    1 year agoby @mm61675Flag

  2. JulianeeRowe

    I just watched Friends With Kids at It's free and in pretty good quality. Check it out!

    2 years agoby @JulianeeRoweFlag