For Colored Girls (2010)

In 1974, Ntozake Shange’s choreopoem “For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When The Rainbow Is Enuf” made its stage debut, combining poetry, dance and music, and most significantly, placing the black female experience center stage. In lyrical, honest, angry, funny and tender language, Shange’s “colored girls” evoked the feelings woven into the fabric of black female life in America. Within two years, the play became a Broadway sensation, won an Obie and Tony Award, and would eventually be produced in regional theaters throughout the country. Now, thirty six years later, filmmaker Tyler Perry adapts this landmark work for the big screen, integrating the vivid language of Shange’s poems into a contemporary narrative that explores what it means to be a woman of color - and a woman of any color - in this world. More »

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  1. Donna23

    @josesmoove22 I wasn't saying that to artjazz's comment since he said she was black and went off about black girls

    3 years agoby @donna23Flag

  2. Josesmoove22

    @ donna23 the movie is called "for colored girls" so whats your point? dominican people are definatley colored, especially zoe saldana since shes black

    3 years agoby @josesmoove22Flag

  3. Donna23

    uhmm Zoe Saldana is dominican -_-

    3 years agoby @donna23Flag

  4. K.Guy

    Sorry, I couldn't write the review, because I was speechless.

    3 years agoby @kguyFlag

  5. artjazz

    @Tdavisnov; you need to wake-up man, this work was created by an angry black lesbian back in the 70's who hated black men like Oprah and all the other black female lesbian and race traders of the day. Yes, and look who brought it to the screen, Tyler Perry, and sexually confused black man, who has played right into the hands of these black female race haters. All black men in America need to wake up and smell the coffee, we are under siege by the white establishment and its old ally, black females. Just look at how every successful black female in the Hollywood shuffle has attached herself to a white man; call um off: Zoe Saldana, Halle Barre, Sanna Lathan, Janet Jackson, Joy what's her name, and so on and so on. Black Females don't give a damn about the African American race or Black men, they only care about the buck and how they can use black men like Tyler Perry and Russel Simmons to get their career started then sell out like Benedict Arnold, or worse. Also, if you think its only in Hollywood, think again, I recently moved from Atlanta where black females have lost their minds, absolutely no respect for black-men of any kind; strippers, ho's, lesbians, bull-dikes, and everything in between; any white man well do.,

    3 years agoby @artjazzFlag