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Surprisingly, as good as the original.
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Recently, I've just watched the original 'Footloose' film with Kevin Bacon and thought it was a great film to sing and sing-a-long to. Then I grew very anxious to see the remake and see how good or bad it would compete to the classic. Knowing the fact that it's a remake from a memorable classic sort of brought down my positive expectations to the film being good. Surprisingly, it turned out to be as good as the original film. The film carries sequences and facts that was better than what occurred in the 1984 film, but the original still has some sequences that the new version didn't nail it. I'll explain everything in this double-feature review as I explain how this competition turned out to be a tie in this dance-off.


Hustle & Flow director Craig Brewer takes the helm for this remake of the popular 1984 musical romance about a big-city teen who moves to a town that has outlawed dancing. Uprooted from Boston and reluctantly transplanted to the small Bible Belt town of Bomont, Ren MacCormack (Kenny Wormald) finds himself in a repressed community still reeling from a devastating loss. Shortly before he arrived in Bomont, five local teens perished in a tragic car accident following a local dance. As a result, the upstanding Reverend Shaw Moore (Dennis Quaid) and the local councilmen passed a strict ordinance outlawing both dancing and excessively loud music. Convinced that the new law is hopelessly misguided, rebellious Ren puts on his dancing shoes and wins the heart of Reverend Moore's distraught daughter, Ariel (Julianne Hough), while showing his fellow classmates that it's perfectly normal to blow off a little steam with some loud music and good friends. Jason Buchanan, Rovi


Classic tale of teen rebellion and repression features a delightful combination of dance choreography and realistic and touching performances. When teenager Ren and his family move from big-city Chicago to a small town in the West, he's in for a real case of culture shock. Though he tries hard to fit in, the streetwise Ren can't quite believe he's living in a place where rock music and dancing are illegal. There is one small pleasure, however: Ariel, a troubled but lovely blonde with a jealous boyfriend. and a Bible-thumping minister, who is responsible for keeping the town dance-free. Ren and his classmates want to do away with this ordinance, especially since the senior prom is around the corner, but only Ren has the courage to initiate a battle to abolish the outmoded ban and revitalize the spirit of the repressed townspeople. Fast-paced drama is filled with such now-famous hit songs as the title track and "Let's Hear It for the Boy."

I thought that the story line to this film had a better background than the classic, because they had a specific reason on why loud music was illegal there. The preacher lost his son in a car accident while listening to loud music in the vehicle three years ago. The fact of the crash given more power and a more dramatic background into the story of 'Footloose'. One sequence in the film was more entertaining an enjoyable than what the original had, and that would be the bus race. In the 1984 film, it was playing chicken with tractors. The bus race was a great change for a remake, so that would be another category beat down: entertainments. And now, one last thing that the remake had better than the original, was the script. In some arguments that both films have, the new version had better quotes and choice of words for it than the original. Now, I'll explain what the classic had better. First of all, they still could not beat my favorite scene in the original, which was Kevin Bacon's stressful dance in the warehouse. The choreography in the new film was really good at that scene, but somehow, I just didn't feel it. In the old film, I was just amazed by the guy's dancing. Bacon has some real talent in anything he does, he's a captain, he's an astronaut, he's an invisible pervert, a hero of Alaska, a darn good villain, and especially a perfect dancer! That dude is gifted. The original also has better performances in acting, but don't get me wrong, this film had good acting too, but the classic had better performances. And at last, the most memorable quote of the classic, 'Hey, hey! What's this I see? I thought this was a party. LET'S DANCE!' the classic had more passion to it. Hey I don't troll, I said it's an equal rating.

Kenny Wormald playing the role for Ren did a wonderful job doing the personality in his character. For some reason I wonder why they didn't put Shia in this film. He probably can't dance. Kenny here, can really dance his Sunday shoes off. And that goes to everybody else, the choreography/ dance sequences in this film (instead of the warehouse) was more epic than the classic. I'm a Mississippi boy, of course I know dancing, so don't judge me. Dennis Quaid... there's never any problem in Quaid, this guy always gives a great performance in most of his roles. Now, Julianne Hough... she was pretty good at some sequences, I find her as some sort of Miley Cyrus clone, seriously by the sound of her voice and her looks. Hough was pretty good at most of the scenes, but also a bit dull at a couple. She just needs to work on her tone for some argument bits (not the one with her father). I also find the new film to be still unnecessary. Seriously, it's a good remake, but don't go overdrive with this remaking stuff. Remaking 'Spider-Man' is bad enough. Don't lie.

And last info, yes, Victoria Justice and Hunter Hayes did an awesome duo with 'Almost Paradise'. So, both films received an equal rating and they were both very entertaining in their genre. So, I can't believe I'm saying this but, if you loved the classic... then you'll probably like this one, at least. To the ones that just liked the old film... it's gonna be an equal rating in your opinion, I guess. I'm the MovieWiz, thanks for reading.

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  1. Nicholaus XX

    @kguy -- Very good review material, man. Keep up the mentioning!

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  2. Dan

    @kguy Of course not.

    3 years agoby @dan1Flag

  3. K.Guy

    @dan1 He hasn't done anything else ever since he posted that, lol

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  4. K.Guy

    @Mark-Van-Horne ...typo :P

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  5. Dan

    @Mark-Van-Horne Hey buddy, I just looked at your profile. Zero reviews, and your only comment is to rip into his review. Why don't you go write a bunch of award winning reviews yourself, then come back and talk crap about his.

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  6. thedude-abides

    @kguy Great review. I'll probably never see this, so I'll take your word for it :)

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  7. CriticsCorner

    nice review, i agree Lori Singer seemed like she was the real Ariel . Quaid is terrific agree again

    3 years agoby @CriticsCornerFlag

  8. Forrestgump1

    Man o Man was i skpetical at first .. i loved the original i just assumed this was going to ruin it .. now after seeing all the positive reviews .. i think im going to have to see it

    3 years agoby @forrestgump1Flag

  9. skywise

    @kguy I never really got into the original film but i remeber my sister absolutling going nuts for it. That may not be a fair reason as to why i have stayed away but there it is. In all fairness she went wacko over The Warriors as well and when i finally watched that movie i loved it. Maybe its time i go back and see what i missed and why this movie was worth remaking. Great double review btw

    3 years agoby @skywiseFlag

  10. MovieManiac

    Happy to see that I am not the only person here who actually loved this movie. Great review man.

    3 years agoby @moviemaniac66Flag

  11. Mark Van Horne

    Movie Wiz needs to learn basic syntax and grammar before attempting to write reviews. It was painful reading this review. "how good or bad it would compete to the classic? "sequences and facts that was".....you mean "were". "Reluctantly transplanted"?
    "The fact of the crash given more power" makes no sense either. First of all, it should be "the fact of the crash gives more power", but even that is pretty poor writing. And the crash is in BOTH movies. You said you just watched the original version. So how could you miss that? Did you watch with the sound off? In the original, Ren goes to the reverend and tells him not to make the entire town suffer just because his son died in the car crash. They didn't show the accident, but that is why the town passed the law. But I guess you missed that.

    "Kenny Wormald playing the role for Ren did a wonderful job in doing the personality in his character". Are you kidding? Why didn't you just say, "Kenny Wormald did a wonderful job portraying Ren"?

    " both films receives an equal rating", should be "both films received an equal rating". I could go on and on but I just wonder why somebody would bother to write a review, without taking at least a little time to proof read it and make sure it makes sense?

    3 years agoby @Mark-Van-HorneFlag

  12. K.Guy

    @moviegeek Thanks.

    3 years agoby @kguyFlag

  13. moviegeek

    I'm looking forward to seeing this one. Sweet review.

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  14. Bawnian©-Dexeus

    @kguy More important films than this, including the original. Far as I'm concerned, this one mimicked it's predecessor better than you know what.

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  15. K.Guy

    @Georgia-DiPirro Thanks :)

    @bawnian-dexeus Got a lot of plans?

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  16. Georgia DiPirro

    Very good @kguy That was wonderful. I enjoy that you did a double-feature review. I saw the first one and with your review I know I will watch this one.

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  17. Bawnian©-Dexeus

    I'll try to see this and review it before the year ends

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  18. K.Guy

    @slysnide hehe, thanks.

    3 years agoby @kguyFlag

  19. slysnide

    @kguy: Great compact review. I didn't see the original and won't be seeing this, though I may check out the original now. It's like one of those things you catalogue in the back of your mind as something you'll eventually get around to doing and it just never comes. :P

    3 years agoby @slysnideFlag