'Event Horizon' Review By hedonismbot

Should not be as good as it is, but it is.
  • Story
  • Acting
  • Directing
  • Visuals
This movie shouldn't be as good as it is. It is not-at-all subtle about its influences (The Shining, The Haunting, Alien, Solaris, etc.) but at least they are the best of their kind. The supernatural is not supposed to be so prominent in scifi but this is, very much like Alien, a haunted house movie in space. And a black hole is a gateway to Hell. It is not just a collection of other movies though. I think Event Horizon is almost unparalleled in its sense of savagery, coldness, and overall despair. You can sense early on that it will not end well. A lot of the spaces are either techno-gothic or meant to feel like the cold slab of a morgue table. The actors display a range of good to bad-but-it-works. Fishburne makes a great captain keeping everyone on the edge of survival and coming close to blowing his lid a couple times. Sam Neil is always a reliable smart/spooky guy. The movie is much more than the sum of its parts which should add up to a generally bad movie, with its outlandish premise and obvious influences. But I think it works so well because it had so much to draw from other horror cinema as well as countless visions of Hell and torture from art history. The music is also worth mentioning being a collaboration between Michael Kamen and Orbital, spooky-techno.

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