'Eurotrip' Review By taurus5382

Scotty doesn't know that Fiona and me do it in my van every Sunday. She tells him she's in church, but she doesn't go, still she's on her knees and Scotty doesn't know...
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Eurotrip is pretty much an extremely hilarious cross between Road Trip & European Vacation. I first saw this back in March 2004 when it was in its last week of wide release. The movie didn't make much money, but got a lot of support on DVD & rentals. Yes, the plot may be somewhat predictable, but it is the funny-ass jokes & classic scenes that hit you left & right. The entire cast, including the hot Michelle Trachtenberg (who plays Jenny), are hilarious. If you have not yet seen this classic, then may I recommend that you rent the UNRATED version of the movie on DVD. You won't be disappointed if you enjoyed any of the movies I mentioned above.

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