Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)

Joel (Carrey) is stunned to discover that his girlfriend Clementine (Winslet) has had her memories of their tumultuous relationship erased. Out of desperation, he contacts the inventor of the process, Dr. Howard Mierzwiak (Wilkinson), to have Clementine removed from his own memory. But as Joel's memories progressively disappear, he begins to rediscover their earlier passion. From deep within the recesses of his brain, Joel attempts to escape the procedure. As Dr. Meirzwiak and his crew (Dunst, Ruffalo, Wood) chase him through the maze of his memories, it's clear that Joel just can't get her out of his head. More »

Comments (2)

  1. iseouls

    When you watch this, its like, you were actually in a dream (literally). The resemblance of non-linear plot coincides with the psycho generic mix really makes this film something what it wants to be. Just perfect for the concept.

    I really enjoyed how things came out in the end, how two lovers erased their mind and actually ended up meeting and fall in love again.

    7/10 rawrrrrrs

    1 year agoby @iseoulsFlag

  2. Dan

    Insanely good adult rom-com.

    2 years agoby @dan1Flag