'Entrance' Critic Reviews

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  • Robert Koehler Variety (Top Critic)
    Full Review » 1 year ago
  • Rob Hunter Film School Rejects
    Full Review » 1 year ago
  • Brent Simon Shockya.com
    A deliberately paced indie offering that bills itself as a psychological thriller but is actually an aimless tone piece about twentysomething emotional dislocation that only in its final reel leaps somewhat clumsily into genre-oriented skirmish.
    Full Review » 2 years ago
  • Dustin Putman DustinPutman.com
    Proving that small of means does not equate to slight of impact, "Entrance" is a shrewdly distressing knockout.
    Full Review » 2 years ago
  • Scott Weinberg FEARnet
    Almost aggressively slow to begin with, but be patient.
    Full Review » 2 years ago