'Enchanted' Review By rose_dc

"Now you're beside me, and look how far we've come, so far. We are so close" - Robert Philip (Patrick G Dempsey) [singing to Giselle at the ball]
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Maybe you will say that I am biased in rating this movie because I'm one of Mc Dreamy's fan. Well it's up to you then, but I rated by review based on the story that I felt very positive in the eyes of the viewers. It will give us hope that HAPPY EVER AFTER do really exist... even in our times.

Patrick Dempsey, who played as Robert Philip, an attorney with a daughter and his wife leave him 5 years ago. After that incedent he never believed in love not until Giselle, Amy Adams came to life from Andalasia.

The movie itself will make you fall in love inside out and put hopes in our hearts that HAPPILY EVER AFTER exist and possible! I hope you've enjoyed it as much as I do...


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