Dune (2014)

A new adaptation of the Frank Herbert classic, Dune. Dune spawned five sequels written by Herbert, and inspired a 1984 film adaptation by David Lynch, and in 2000 two mini-series made by the SCI FI Channel, computer games, a board game, and a series of prequels and sequels co-written by the author's son Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson. More »

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  1. Kenny Rose

    yeah when that new Dune move come out...for I loved it....you should start out the beginning with that song by Zager & Evans' 2525

    3 months agoby @Kenny-RoseFlag

  2. Peggy Satterfield

    i apologize i forgot these

    Dune (2000) A three-part miniseries for tv

    Children of Dune (2003)
    Riddick was not a character in either

    7 months agoby @Peggy-SatterfieldFlag

  3. Peggy Satterfield

    For all posted here are games and movies for Riddick all playes by Vin Diesl, hunkamonk....

    Pitch black(2009)
    Vin Diesel ... Richard B. Riddick

    The Chronicles of Riddick: Into Pitch Black (TV Movie) (2000)
    Vin Diesel ... Richard B. Riddick

    The Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury (Video short) (2004)
    Richard B. Riddick (voice)

    The Chronicles of Riddick (2004)
    Vin Diesel ...Riddick

    2004 The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay (Video Game)
    Riddick (voice) vin diesel

    2009 The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena (Video Game)
    Riddick (voice) vin diesel

    Riddick: Blindsided (Short) 2013
    Riddick (voice) vin diesel

    Riddick (2013)
    Vin Diesel ... Riddick

    7 months agoby @Peggy-SatterfieldFlag

  4. Richard Frankenberg

    I have read the original 6 3 times, my absolute fave. this sight is not very reliable. this movie idea has fallen thru one to many times. the story is just way to epic and the people involved understand this. they must and will get it right. i think it should be a animated 3 part movie like the book so they can leave nothing out and do it right. most people cant sit thru the old one with Sting. The first Sci-Fi channel one left out key points.. like Usul?!... Children of Dune i had to narrate to every one i made watch this... sorry if my typing is off, just very tired at this point at night

    2 years agoby @Richard-FrankenbergFlag

  5. Brandon Willard

    Harrow I agree with you that harerach has it all confused BUT there have been three Dune movies one by universal studios back in the eighties and the other two done by the sci fi channel the first by sci fi was simply called Dune while the second used the same actors with some new additions which followed children of dune and dune messiah was called Children of Dune taking two or three dvds to hold the full movie because it was done as a miniseries and not a single movie.

    2 years agoby @Brandon-WillardFlag