'Dragonball Evolution' Teaser Trailer

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Dragonball is adapted from the manga created by Akira Toriyama; the work was also turned into a Japanese anime series that played all over the world. It tells the story of an alien sent to destroy Earth, who has a change of heart and decides to join the humans in their fight against various aliens and bad guys. Justin Chatwin is starring as the hero Goku, while James Marsters will play the villain Piccolo in the sci-fi adventure.
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Comments (67)

  1. Rated-X

    this is possibly the worst anime/ manga / movie placed upon a earth...this was bound to destroy earth in moments...sadly it stayed alive and living

    4 years agoby @rated-xFlag

  2. josespul

    this is the worst movie trailer i've ever seen in my entire life!!!
    this movie might be worst too, unlike on TV show.

    6 years agoby @josespulFlag

  3. dreamerin2003

    aw..is not pleased...aw...ruined my day..

    6 years agoby @dreamerin2003Flag

  4. searheart

    The trailor looks very dissapointing. I predict it will suck. I totally agree with trevorsch; this movie could have been done well, but look lame.

    6 years agoby @searheartFlag

  5. LankStun

    yeah i know

    we are going to be forced to see this movie because we watched the tv show way back


    6 years agoby @lankstunFlag

  6. oosaf

    This will be the worst nine dollars I ever spend

    6 years agoby @oosafFlag

  7. trevorscheidl

    dammit. I really wanted this movie to be done well. Instead it looks like crap.

    6 years agoby @trevorscheidlFlag

  8. arjay

    sh*t...... is this for real?

    6 years agoby @arjayFlag

  9. WonderWomyn

    I'll only be watching this because James Marsters is in it. Plus my boys want to see it as well. I was planning on watching it for free online. But they want to see it in the theaters. Who knows, it might actually be good. Can't judge a movie just on its trailer.

    6 years agoby @wonderwomyn74Flag

  10. WonderWomyn

    I'll only be watching this because James Marsters is in it. Plus my boys want to see it as well. I was planning on watching it for free online. But they want to see it in the theaters. Who knows, it might actually be good. Can't judge a movie just on its trailer.

    6 years agoby @wonderwomyn74Flag

  11. RavenX5 God of Light

    oh...i thought,Ichi the killer is f*cking awesome,Thanks Rock

    6 years agoby @hackx9Flag

  12. Kruze2008

    this is going to suck!!!! They have destroyed my childhood!!!!

    6 years agoby @kruze2008Flag

  13. scrubby

    THAT...is SOOOOO gonna.....SUCK!!!

    6 years agoby @scrubbyFlag

  14. Rock

    It screams straight to dvd ,I wont be surprise if the sequels never see the light and day.

    I Love Death note but your wrong saying it's the only good manga adaptation. Azumi , Izo and Ichi the Killer were f*cking awesome

    6 years agoby @elrochoFlag

  15. RavenX5 God of Light

    the only good movie based on manga is Death Note.

    6 years agoby @hackx9Flag

  16. IceCold

    Bubblegum I read your comment and agree one hundred percent. I always hope these comments are relayed to people who make decisions.

    6 years agoby @marcuslaingFlag

  17. IceCold

    I also wonder if there are enough of us true fans out there who know the stories and will support the movie? I guess if me and all of my friends from high school in the 90's know it so well all the way here in The Bahamas it will do well.

    6 years agoby @marcuslaingFlag

  18. IceCold

    Do you know how long I have been wiating for them to this? I really hope they don't mess this up and stay true to the actual story line leading up to the Dragonball Z and GT series.

    6 years agoby @marcuslaingFlag

  19. Evil Resident


    6 years agoby @curvyaloneFlag

  20. Shelley

    Actually looks better than I thought it would.

    6 years agoby @shelleyFlag

  21. MoonMercury

    Hatez people out there that giving bad comment to DragonBall, if so what the F*** u looking at it? Loser Dork :)Me and angie still think is the awesome crazy movie ever!!! Nananana!

    6 years agoby @chocoshadowFlag

  22. MoonMercury

    Is going 2 rock. Can wait to see it with angie. LOL

    6 years agoby @chocoshadowFlag

  23. RavenX5 God of Light


    6 years agoby @hackx9Flag

  24. leo_jack2001

    whrs the vegeta chutia????

    6 years agoby @leo-jack2001Flag

  25. bubblegum

    It is hard to determine, from the trailer, the solidity of the plot and script of the movie, which will largely determine the movies success or failure.

    Along with the script and storyline character development, story progression, mood, atmosphere, and special effects also play a large part. From the trailer however it seems as if the special affects part might be lacking a bit.

    The director has the task of making the unrealistic realistic within reasonable bounds using the aforementioned tools.

    I for one think that the director seems to be conscious of how far to push things and where certain things need to be edited so it doesn't turn into a power ranger free for all.

    For example, piccolos skin color is a pale green instead of a dark green. A good move in my opinion because his skin being a solid green color would detract from the characters credibility, and the actor's role, taking the movie in the direction of Street Fighter the movie (A place none of us would want to ever go again).

    Everything does not need to follow the outline set by the animation specifically. The director should know, however, which characters to use in order to develop a solid story in the given allotment of time without disappointing the fans or straying too far away from the original work unless you can make it ten times better.

    Most people here seem to lean more toward the speed racer effect than the Transformers approach, in that you are more interested in a literal interpretation of the anime. If the director were to go in this direction the whole movie would probably be shot in a green room and the fight scenes would have to be pretty incredible.

    Also directors have to pull in as many people as they possibly can to see the movie because there aren't as many hardcore fans as there are people who aren't and they want them to be able to follow along. I for one want the movie to be on a higher plane than the cartoon, achieving the level of realism and angst possessed by the Transformers movie while giving the fans what they want (great action scenes).

    It's a delicate balance but it can be done. It especially helps when the director has a clear vision and appreciation for the movie they are making.

    What direction the director will take remains to be seen. Although if this version does not turn out well another director may take it over and do it justice like in the case of Incredible Hulk. The first version was more of a comic book excerpt. The second version however had direction and translated better in regards to realism and the audience. I liked them both but the second version of the movie was my favorite of the two for obvious reasons.

    6 years agoby @bubblegumFlag

  26. dubb504

    WTF??????? WACK ASS SH*T !!!!!!

    6 years agoby @dubb504Flag

  27. likethatlove

    what the f*ck are they doin to dragonball z? where r all characters?(they have made this half way through) why is goku is high school? and what happened to his hair?

    6 years agoby @likethatloveFlag

  28. y0ca_c0la

    Japan anime is never made good on the big screen... We need someone to take a giant sh*t on the director so he can smell what his movie will amount to. Dragon Ball was and is a good anime.

    6 years agoby @y0ca-c0laFlag

  29. sakai23

    okay i just wanna say...

    6 years agoby @sakai23Flag

  30. IcerLink

    Krillin and Chiaotzu are dead during the King Piccolo saga but come for the JR saga. I guess the cast of Dragonball would get too big to flesh out all the characters stories so they had to cut some out. Like Korin, Yajirobe and Kami.
    It's all about flow and action timing. Which means the better they edit this film the better it will be.

    6 years agoby @icerlinkFlag

  31. guerrac3

    Where the f*ck is krillin!!!

    6 years agoby @guerrac3Flag

  32. thomasiy

    totally sh*t! Only the name same as original comics.

    6 years agoby @thomasiyFlag

  33. pacheeone13

    IcerLink you do have a point. When ever Hollywood gets there hands on something be prepared to see something you won't expect to be different. For instance, I don't know how you can start the "live action" series of Dragonball without having Krillin. Its just one of those things. In Spiderman he was supposed to create his webbing not have it come directly from his body. In X-Men the Pheonix saga has Gambit and Jubilee but the introduce it with out them two. Thats just the way the cookie crumbles.

    6 years agoby @pacheeone13Flag

  34. IcerLink

    Like I said it is an adaptation.In the cartoon version of Batman and Superman Harvey Two-Face and Lex Luthor are black, but in the recent movies they are played by white actors. In the first Batman Harvey Dent was played by Billy Dee Williams. He was played by Tommy Lee Jones in Batman Forever. No one made a fuss about that contradiction. It was what the Director of that film wanted and what direction he wanted to go. If James Wong thinks this is the right steps to take in bringig this franchise to the Live Action stage, let us respect his desicion and anticipate this film.

    6 years agoby @icerlinkFlag

  35. josenoe

    I think James wong is an excelent director, just let him work and you will see.

    6 years agoby @josenoeFlag

  36. slycon7

    other questions that will never be answered are why doesnt piccolo have antannae and why does master roshi have hair and where is roshi's turtle shell

    6 years agoby @slycon7Flag

  37. Teurin

    Wut the f*ck iz wrong with u ppl this iz bullshiiit this leaves me wit so many questions that will never b answered among them are y is master roshi so yung y iz mai so important y iz piccolo pale y iz justin chatwin and james marsters in this movie y do we have 2 b da generation 2 c dis bull sh*t i wudnt even want da next generation 2 c dis c 1 day l8r on n lyf i will b n jail n when my kids visit me behind the bars im gonna tell them this movie iz y daddy kills ppl.

    6 years agoby @teurinFlag

  38. josenoe

    I agree Icerlink!!!

    6 years agoby @josenoeFlag

  39. IcerLink

    The final product of the movie is always different than the trailer. This is just a teaser and not a final trailer. The trailers also appear out of sequence than the movie too. Besides this is an adaptation of the whole Dragonball series in a two hour movie. You can't fit every moment you liked in it. Look at Lord of the Rings. They cut the whole Tom Bombadil saga out of and people were mad, but in the end it turned out pretty decent.

    6 years agoby @icerlinkFlag

  40. GK

    that is all---

    6 years agoby @indianajonesFlag

  41. GK

    PIECE OF SH*T!!!!

    6 years agoby @indianajonesFlag

  42. GK

    I knew this will be....

    6 years agoby @indianajonesFlag

  43. BaBy_BaNkS

    all this time to make dragon ball for this???? WHAT A RUBBISHHHHHHHHHHH...im spechless...as a true fan of dragon ball im tottaly disappointed, the character of goku ahahaha dont make me laugh

    6 years agoby @baby-banksFlag

  44. FilmWiz

    goku is rolling in it's grave right know

    6 years agoby @filmwizFlag

  45. FilmWiz

    goku is rolling in it's grave right know

    6 years agoby @filmwizFlag

  46. Rock

    this is supposed to attract enough theatre fans so they can make 2 other films , LMAO i doubt that will happen .Looks watchable for straight to dvd stuff

    6 years agoby @elrochoFlag

  47. megaman28

    Dragonball is one of those movies where EVERYONE wants to see it get made. Just like me, ive been dying to see a real live action Dragonball Movie. BUT! its also one of those things where IF you do make a movie of it, it BETTER be REALLY GOOD or dont make it at all... but as for this Dragonball movie... this is gonna SUCK! They messed up big on this one. Alot of people are gonna be disappointed if not already. Releasing this movie will destroy the Dragonball Phenomenon where people adore it World Wide. Because its poorly made... Should have been done with different actors and followed the characterization and storyline word for word just like the cartoon because thats what people like to see.

    6 years agoby @megaman28Flag

  48. rjt11890


    6 years agoby @rjt11890Flag

  49. aachooo

    f**************|_|k!! is this directed by Uwe Boll!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    6 years agoby @aachoooFlag

  50. inseinoman

    HaHa THE FALLEN wants to watch ERR get blown and then get blown himself with ERR'S man juice all over his c*ck...... F*G

    6 years agoby @inseinomanFlag