'Dragon Wars (D-War)' Trailer

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Based on the Korean legend, unknown creatures will return and devastate the planet. Reporter Ethan Kendrick is called in to investigate the matter, and he arrives at the conclusion that a girl stricken with a mysterious illness named Sarah is suppose to help him. The Imoogi makes its way to Los Angeles, wreaking havoc and destruction. With the entire city under arms, will Ethan and Sarah make it in time to save the people of Los Angeles?
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Comments (32)

  1. Gatesy95

    for everyone who thinks this movie is gonna be sh*t f*ck u keep ur fukin opinions 2 urself no one gives a sh*t wat u wankers think ok if u dont like the fuking thing dont watch it

    7 years agoby @gatesy95Flag

  2. Nirmal007

    Wow super movie

    7 years agoby @nirmal007Flag

  3. Scarecrow

    CGI = 10
    Story = 5
    Acting = 0.001

    7 years agoby @scarecrow924Flag

  4. midhousestudios

    this movie is so f*cken gay. this movie was the gayest movie of the year foreal...

    7 years agoby @soccermasterFlag

  5. Steamy

    Cool special effects. Of course, there is always someone that will save the day!

    7 years agoby @steamFlag

  6. Phatlightning

    ok so, i watched this preview, and for everyone who didnt like it, watch it while muted, it looks a whole lot better! The CG looks good, the story line i couldnt tell seeing as it was muted, which kind of makes for a surprise.. but i mean, why is there always a kid as the lead, and why do humans always suck.. and to putumayo, who says he always liked dragon movies, go see ergon, its an absolute sh*t show.. could have been better had they not had that dragon talk.. SOO GAY

    7 years agoby @sxers2k1Flag

  7. FrstKnght21

    Well, this I have to see..

    7 years agoby @frstknght21Flag


    This movie is probably the stupidest movie. I mean the CGs are good but the story is stupid. But hey it has that black dude from the Office. That's worth something right. lol.

    8 years agoby @kintaro88Flag

  9. wolfqueen

    Looks good. But I'm not going to hold my breath that the dragons will ACTUALLY win the war. I'm sure the humans will, due to some bacteria or virus that does the dragons in. This is the standard Hollywood formula! But, it's fun to watch the destruction of some major American city!

    8 years agoby @wolfqueenFlag

  10. putumayo

    always liked dragon movies since 'willow'.and this looks like a pretty good one.

    8 years agoby @putumayoFlag

  11. Harout Harmanian

    I liked the trailer but I don't know if it is going to have substance. Looks like another Sci-fi Channel Production!! Ha

    8 years agoby @micetro9345Flag

  12. Michael5

    Well see, i like the plot and trailer.

    8 years agoby @michael5Flag

  13. WonderWomyn

    This movie looks like something you would catch on Saturday night, at 9 pm, on the SciFi channel.

    8 years agoby @wonderwomyn74Flag

  14. calaberman

    Hey Mohhhhh, I did watch this. It is such a nerd movie. I'm not saying don't watch it, but in my opinion it is for geeks and nerds.

    8 years agoby @calabermanFlag

  15. rebelhead69

    idk looks kinda corny ill prolly wait for the blu ray

    8 years agoby @rebelhead69Flag

  16. elvisjune

    wow, yesterday in preview, i joined and saw this film. This is the best of all pictures in this year, I think. Wow.... for one and half hour, i couldn't watch other direction but to screen. That was great experience I ever had in this year.... Hope men join this interesting experience....Dragon War

    8 years agoby @elvisjuneFlag

  17. chjojun

    Obviously I can say, this movie is something,,!!!
    Not to mention the reality of CG, the plot proceeding speed shocked me with great tension and intesrest. This seems better that Trnsformer in various ways...

    8 years agoby @chjojunFlag

  18. nomodwar

    one thing i can tell ya guys is that it WILL be the absolutely worst movie ever made in the history of the mankind lol
    plz, don't go to see this movie, i beg you lol

    8 years agoby @nomodwarFlag

  19. probrain

    As far as I know, Imoogi is just a big serpent-like creature with magical power. Once it swallows an orb called Yeoiju, it evolves into almighty dragon like the one of Dragonball Z. So wouldn't Imoogi-War be the more reasonable title? lol

    8 years agoby @probrainFlag

  20. Mohhhhh

    Whatever it is if you compare this to Lost, we should not expect to see about 1 minutes of the monster. This film is being reported as having a $60 Million dollar budget. For a monster movie that's going to show us a lot of monster.

    8 years agoby @mohhhhhFlag

  21. Mohhhhh

    Whatever it is if you compare this to Lost, we should not expect to see about 1 minutes of the monster. This film is being reported as having a $60 Million dollar budget. For a monster movie that's going to show us a lot of monster.

    8 years agoby @mohhhhhFlag

  22. Mohhhhh

    I Can't Wait For This Incredible Movie To Hit The Cinemas. It Is Very Interesting.

    8 years agoby @mohhhhhFlag

  23. Mohhhhh

    This is going to be in the catagory of the greatest movies of all time.

    8 years agoby @mohhhhhFlag

  24. JJ-Kim

    I watched this movie yesterday. The teaser and real movie seems very different. Movie is better than trailer. I felt thrilled. It looks real, and gives no time to think others without movie.
    There are many interesting things but I feel sorry that the humor is only for Koreans. Koreans can understand the humor because director is a famous gagman star in Korea. Enjoy your day to the fulliest with this movie.

    8 years agoby @jj-kimFlag

  25. petronius

    I'm a Korean and feel to explain the differece between occidental dragons and oriental dragons.
    As I know, Dragons in occidental world, they are the symbol of evil and something to kill(except in the movie 'Dragon heart'), have big wings and strong two pairs of legs like dinosaurs. But in oriental world, They are considered as holy and spiritual creatures, which can be found in many symbols of several oriental dynasty. Although the shape of oriental ones are look unfamiliar at first to your eyes, I hope just enjoy it and have some eyes on oriental culture. I'm sorry my english is not enought to explain my thought exactly. thank you for read this point. bye. friends.

    8 years agoby @petroniusFlag

  26. Mohhhhh

    wut a great movie. it luks f*ckin awesome.hey claberman. did u watch already? at least the graphic showing here doesn't luk bad. dohhhh

    8 years agoby @mohhhhhFlag

  27. rylan_draws123

    what retard would go see this movie?

    8 years agoby @rylan-draws123Flag

  28. calaberman

    This movie is so nerdy and geeky. It's like a modern version of dungens and dragons. Plus the graphics suck so bad.

    8 years agoby @calabermanFlag


    Damn it's like transformers but big ass dragons that would make me piss my pants... Hell that one is a giant snake its gonna be sweet, it's on earth and california how did i know... ha

    8 years agoby @thedizleFlag

  30. JP

    this sh*t is gonna be one of the hottest movies of 2007

    8 years agoby @mrjtpFlag